PHOTOS Meet Krystal Campbell of American Hoggers, aka “Krystal Pistol Campbell”

Krystal daughter American Hoggers

On August 16 A&E is going to unleash the bad ass hog hunting Texas family The Campbells onto the reality TV landscape in a show called American Hoggers. The Campbells include retired Texas Ranger Jerry Campbell (64), his son Robert Campbell (28), and daughter Krystal “Pistol” Campbell (23). According to the press release from the network the show will follow the Campbells as they assist Texas residents with the real and dangerous threat of feral hogs.

Being a red-blooded meat-eating male my attention was drawn instantly to 23-year-old Krystal Campbell, who is described as a “firecracker” in the promo. After doing a little digging I can confirm the firecracker label and the fact that she’s the real .357 Ruger gun-toting deal. Read on as we get to know the young gal who’s sexy, educated, and lethal!

Krystal Campbell American Hoggers

According to Krystal Campbell and her family run Campbell’s Homeplace Ranch based out of Brownwood, TX. The ranch includes such noted members as former President George H.W. Bush and actor Sam Elliot. In addition they note that Krystal is a former Miss Brownwood.

Krystal was featured in an Outdoor Life profile and here’s some of the info I was able to gather up. She’s committed to her education, as evidenced by her comments back in November of 2010 that she’s working on a Master’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. She plans on pursuing her doctorate after that. She’s also a former cheerleader for the semi-pro football team the Texas Mavericks.

Krystal’s passion however is the hunt, and it’s time to get down to the business at hand which is talkin’ about Krystal’s killer instincts (and looks)! She guides hog hunts, rides horses and hunts deer. As we’ll discover from the show she does a lot of hog hunting too and doesn’t always require a gun to finish her job. She got her introduction to hunting from her daddy Jerry at the tender age of 3 when she was brought along on a hog hunt with her brother Robert. On that occasion Jerry landed the second largest pig in the state.

Krystal Campbell of American Hoggers

Her first kill was at just six when she scored a hog with a pistol and she was hooked from there. As she matured into a young woman she developed an appetite for what’s considered dangerous game like mountain lions, wildcats and even bears! If I dated Krystal (dream on right) I’d be in the tent calling for my momma while my lady was out taking care of the whole bear situation. She’s even gone as far as missing her first day of class to continue a hunt. That’s my kind of dedication right there.

Actually, putting the hunt first has become a tradition for our girl. She almost got kicked off her high school cheerleading squad for missing a game because it was the opening day of deer season. A girl’s got to have her priorities I reckon. I guess it would be too much to ask to see a photo of Krystal hunting in her cheerleading outfit right? Anyways, the Campbells primarily use hounds and horses to get their hogs. The dogs pick up the scent and Krystal follows on horseback if the terrain isn’t too rough. Once the dogs have a hog at bay she’ll use her pistol or her knife if the boar ain’t too nasty. To find out more about the serious danger and damage these feral hogs can bring check out our infographic here.

Krystal Campbell from American Hoggers fame

Krystal Campbell is a pretty lucky gal and a pro at her craft as she’s managed to go this far without suffering a major injury. Jerry hasn’t been so lucky as he has plenty of war wounds to show, hell he’s even been gored before. Can you imagine being the young Texan boy headin’ out to the ranch to take Krystal out for prom. I’m gonna guess that whatever time Jerry set as curfew that our man had Krystal home way before that. I know I would. You can check out ten great quotes from Jerry here.

Post note: In the original press release A&E called Jerry a Texas Ranger, they have since changed the wording. You can get all the details on that here. The Texas Rangers are one of the most respected organizations in America so I certainly wanted to point this discrepancy out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this profile on Miss Krsytal Campbell as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it up. Please feel free to click on any of the photos below for the full-page image.

  • FM2126

    HEAVY make up and not so current on personal hygene….

    • berlin

      They are ignorant rotten pigs these people no inner no outer appearance to them just rott of the earth.

    • berlin

      I mean i dont exspect to enlighten you all but any woman or man for that matter who kills animals merciless, carries some guy and spreads bear skin over them a animal we dont even eat and thats supposed to be sexy my god yes a real class act of good old american shit ruthless cowards who shoot an animals in there head just so the can get there feed….
      its called te human being is the ugliest most nasty most ignorant being on earth… at least these super human kinds.

      But who cares weee were so called famous lets stuff our fat faces with piggies we murdered.

    • berlin

      just another form of misuse of power, i look at these people after watching the show and though omg only in america wuld they think this is ok to film. but if you watch the vid see ther government wars ect its no wonder how ignorance spread, but it almost made me sic watching this show.. there all laughing having a good old time while the fling the animals on its back its like the bull fights ect just cheep entertainment while they tell themselves there doing a good, its likethe lion master who convinces humself the world needs to see a cadged lion jump through fire…

      its just plain sic.

      Id puke if i ever met any of these beasts.

      • berlin,you are one stupid a$$ person.what would you do if a hog came on your land and killed your child?? would you go out and praise that hog? i bet you belong to p.e.t.a (people eating tasty animals)get a life ,you dumb bass-turd….

      • david

        btw- we, as people, eat meat. Have since time began. You are not going to change that. If you want to eat PLANTS, then do that. But…you are killing them too.

  • ranchstyle

    Quite inauthentic. She’s well known for pretending to be somethihng she is not.

    • ODK275


    • rw delany

      Hot words do not know if it is fake I do know grabbing a hog wild or not by the back leg is not fun.Got a friend in Waxachachie who knows hog hunters,we will see.Me i am west Tn.My first was appox.300 350 lbs. took 3 shots with a Jap.7.7×6.2 to brihg it down. Not doudting your word,but if is true you should bitch about Ted Nuggent fenced hunts over bait.That is not being a sportsman.,any animal deserves a sporting chance

      • Leo

        You people are pathetic! This is not hunting, it is pest elimination. I am from East Texas(not having a friend)and speak from first hand account. Lets say you have 500 acres, 250 head of cattle, and 200 acres fenced off for hay production. You plant the hay and the pigs come in and eat half of it. Now instead of being able to feed your cows off your hay, you have to buy it. Your profit margin goes into the toilet. In addition, you cannot walk through your pasture because the pigs chase you out in an attempt to EAT YOU!!! Also, they spread several diseases like tuberculosis to begin with. Now $300,000 of cattle have to be killed due to 30 or 40 wild hogs. Get the picture idiot?

  • Sok39

    Oh hell yeah, I’m in Love!

  • Keith

    I wish I could help out and I have never been on a ranch. You look beautiful by the way.

  • Frankie

    Hi Krystal,

    I’m sure you get all kind’s of offers but I would love to take you hunting. I live in Florida and we also have some very, very big nasty HOGS. I love a country girl and have a lot of respect for what you do.

    I would love to chat with you sometime please give me a shout sometime, we can exchange hunting stories. Bye and hope to hear from you soon.

  • joe boner

    yes she does cake on the make up, who cares if she has acne, is not perfect ten, etc. as long as she scrubs her beaver and keeps it clean I would be in hog heaven!! as long as she don’t shave her beaver that is, us red neck boys love a good ol hairy box

    • A.A.

      Ok that is disrespectful to her, maybe you are just jealous cause she is better looking than you… Plus don’t say anything like that abbout a female…She is a very beautiful girl inside and out and the makeup is for the show and for two apoligize for saying that kinda crap about her!!

      • DJ

        If the makeup is just for the show why is she wearing it in all the pictures?

  • Big poppa

    Lol show hasn’t even started n see some haters! Like ” well known for being something she’s not ” what’s that? Living her life? Going to school? Being a family girl? Loils hot AND handles hers! That’s a women to me 😉

  • michael

    i wish i was born and raised in texas,so ii could have had a chance of meeting this beautiful lady.

  • ODK275

    you should also check into Krystal actually being on the cheerleading team (not in either middle or high school) and the fact that Brownwood doesn’t have a “Miss Brownwood”…. i mean, did you at least try to verify before you post blogs, or are you just going off of what people tell you?… it’s really inauthentic…

  • Jed

    Krystal Campbell is a sick f**k, and not in a good way.

  • I roasted a 120 hog in Costa Rica back in February. I’d love to do more game grilling, and Krystal “Pistol” Campbell is MY KINDA GAL! Yeah, I read a few earlier post, people will always “hate” when ya doing better than them. She’s badass, fine as a MFer, and I’m not at all a hunter or gun finatic. I just love a woman that can get dirt under her nails and be good at it.

  • PissedTexan

    Jerry Campbell buys trapped hogs, releases them then charges people a pretty penny to remove them. The show is staged. My cousins place borders the Campbell’s land. He kills more pigs without dogs, a ZZ Top-looking hillbilly idiot dad and a 1970s jeep. These people give central texans a bad name.

    • Hog Dog

      Where is your uncles place since you said it borders the Campbells place? Also if so then you should know a little bit about Crystal correct?

  • Brittany

    To all you haters shut the f*ck up your stupid!

    Krystal is a sexy the sexyest cowgirl you will ever see so stop haten!

    girls are allowed to wear make up nothing wrong with that weather you cake it on or not a girl is a girl we all wear make up and who cares if we wear it to hide acne we all have gotten it at some point of life.

    • KW

      at least you have been consistent at one thing…your english blows ass!

      • Brittany

        Shut up! Im fully aware of my bad English.

  • WOW!! a cowgirl that can look so hot carry n shoot n hogtie a hog OMG! where has she been all my life IM IN LOVE!!

  • DJ

    Looks like we’ve got some jealous individuals posting here. Of course the show is staged to a certain extent – every tv show is. So the girl wears makeup- so what? She’s attractive to any red blooded man. I’ll bet the rest of you are pansies and fat broads.

  • Justin Christofferson

    Love the show, love the family keeping a family in business together,love the dumb— PETA idiots chimeing in how cruel it is,, where are they on controlling this mess of feral hogs,, oh yah — Got a hog killing my stock , who do ya call, of course, PETA they will be right over, lol, keep up the hog hunting campbells, from this 4th generation Montana boy hats off to your show,, ee haww go get some hogs yall

  • RamCountryBoy

    Okay, who I am isn’t important. I’ve known Krys since way before the show ever started. Or was even thought of for that matter. Those of you that are bad mouthing her are so far from the truth it’s pathetic. She’s a country girl and a very devoted Christian. As for make up and acne. Yeah, sure whatever you say. As for bad hygiene, thats garbage too. She doesnt need to wear makeup although she does. Regardless, there is bound to be those out in the world that will be jealous of anyone that has it better than they do. will bad mouth someone else to make sense of their pathetic lives. As far as the cheerleading…lol Thats pretty funny. She was not a cheerleader in highschool. She tried out for the Mavericks squad, made the squad, but never attended any of the meets. As far as the attacking her father, why trap and release a hog for show? There are plenty on the property as it is. I’m looking forward to the series. I can’t wait to see Martini in her big debut.

  • twilkie98

    I think krystal is very sexy and hot.I love to hunt and she is welcome to go with me anytime.I think the show is a hit and so is she.

  • Chevyluvr

    I’ve seen the show a few times it’s pretty exciting. I’m an avid hunter in Ontario Canada and have never hunted hogs. For a female that is as gorgeous as Krystal is to be doing it is totally awesome. Would love to chat and meet her sometime. Good luck to the campbells on their new show.

  • canadian cowgirl

    I love Krystals pink cowgirl pants I wish I had a pair so jealous xD

  • HotRod

    i’ve trapped and hunted hogs all over the state, including Brown, Mills, and Hamilton counties. keep up the good work, Darlin’!

  • frank

    all I gotta say is MARRY ME KRYSTAL!!!!!!

    • Any girl who packs a gun and a knife like I have since I was 3 is perfect…Especially if they have dimples… I prefer her newer pics and looks… her personality goes without saying a word, like a gilded lily.

  • All I wanna say is ur hot krystal and sexy marry me!!

  • Texas-Ex

    Krystal is hot, but Lea is CALIENTE!!! We need the 411 on her. 🙂

  • big chuck

    Wow you guys are haten on a young women whom you don’t no you probably sitting in your moms basement playing with your self wishing you were someone who lived life to it’s fullest like her. It’s a sorry day when the best part of your day is to make jokes an poke fun at someone for being there self.why don’t you stop haten and masterbating in your socks you no your mom has to wash them. Krystal Hun be your self and I hope you an the show are a bigger success

  • Big Mike

    Krystal is gorgeous and that’s that! The old man is what happens to all of us. He was probably much better looking 20 yrs ago.

  • I fell in love with your eye’s so freakin beautiful wish i could meet you and the rest of you is just hogg heaven !!!!!!!!

  • Hog Dog

    I can not stand when people start running their mouths about something they have no idea about. HOGS are a major problem. Hey PETA nuts if this were not so and ya’ll had the answers to this issue then why did the Great State of TEXAS pass the law where we are even allowed the hunt and kill hogs from the air. (Heli) for thos that don’t know what the air is. Also ya’ll just need to leave Krystal the hell alone because until you go out and catch a live hog with dogs and just your hands you have NO idea what it takes or its like. Who cares if she wears make-up to hunt. Atleast she is not wearing make-up sitting in front of the tv watching a show about hog hunting and talking shit about a girl that is just doing what she loves. Get real and get a life.

  • FloridaFan

    Good looking, GREAT eyes, rocking body and an attitude that says “If you’re man enough…” If I was single and back in Texas I’d for sure look her up. Pretty darn close to my dream girl if you want to know the truth!

  • Tim

    Krystal is hot. That’s the reason I’m watching

  • Tim

    Better looking than Kim, Chloe, or the rest of them non working, non acting Kardashians

  • Tim M.

    I think she is gorgeous

  • MARC

    The girl is absolutely gorgeous. I even heard a South Carolina redneck boy say, “Lord, if you give me her, I will never drink another beer or eat anymore sausage.” Now THAT’S love.

  • jesse

    F*** ya`ll mammy tampers! Krystal is one fine southern gal! she could sit on this dirty old man’s face at will.

  • crazy ray

    I’d like to go down to Texas and hunt the rare red beaver.

  • Angeyfred

    Kristal is ridiculously hott, see that is with a double T cause she’s just that hott. It kills me nobody on here has a chance with that chic so ya run her down, how right is that??? So just admit yeah she’s hott (with 2 T’s) and the fact that she carries a gun is just icing on the cake. So kristal of u read this sh!t just know they r little pu$$y a$$ guys that couldn’t handle what your sportin. lol

  • thats nice all the guys are looking at her beauty but shes not the only hottie on the show look at leah, also they are doing a job most men cant and will not do so hats off to both females of the show….

  • Krstyal you are hotter than that old jeep radiator come to Cleveland ill help you catch more that wild hogs

  • Denny777

    Oh god the first time I saw a commercial for this show she caught my eye. I’d probably give her looks about a 7.5/10……but how she acts, what she does etc. Makes me want to do very dirty, inhumane things to that sweet ass of herS. I would love to wax that ass right after she got done with an all-day hunt and came home all dirty…….mmmmmmmmm

  • ron booker

    Krystal I have been watching your show and think you are a wonderfull, real women. I wish I could meet someone like you here in Seattle. It would be great if you wanted to contact career. Im a good looking, mature 35yr old with a good career.

  • Justduckie

    I love this show. It has all the right elements. Young vs old, new vs tradition, highly educated vs old school. The first comments are pathetic whiners complaining about something they have no clue about. Under these conditions you can’t leave children outside and you NEED to pack heat. One of those tornados can come scurrying into your yard right Now!! You need to blast that creature right now or loose a child. That’s reality. Whiners hate reality but these hogs are ferocious. They do eat anything. That is one way mobsters get rid of people, they feed em’ to hogs. Hogs are omnivores.

    Now as for Krystal, what a woman. I REALLY like her. Gutsy, athletic, and hard working. She is well educated and has a wicked body. She is the total package. Now the TV show has been softened with leather straps and all sorts of sissy stuff for city folk so the show can continue with some whiny lawyers and whiny animal groups getting involved. Off camera I would welcome ol’ hoggy with my 686. I wouldn’t waste energy or risk goring rastlin’ a hog. Keep up the good work and keep feeding the illegals at the foodbank. Somebody has to work for a living. 🙂

  • Chris

    I would like to go hog hunting

  • Jeffrey Caves

    I watch the show and I give it a high 5. All of ya’ll seem to be great people but to be honest with you “I’ve gone HOG WILD over Krystal”. Mrs. Campbell which I see little of but can see that she stands her ground with the ole man. He plays a hardass role but I believe he has a heart of gold, just bullheaded as hell. Robert does a good job but Jerry cuts him no slack and gives the neither of you credit when & where credit is due. Don’t get me wrong now I like him too & he knows hogs. It looks like it really gets hot out there. The best one I like is when Pistol lost her hobble & Rob gives her hell about it but then his hog gets lose,lol, and when the Ole man gets lost looking for Ranger I know Jerry & Krystal was worried to death as I was or would be. Keep up the good work & Krystal I’m most defintly a fan of yours!!!! ;}

  • Mike

    too bad she is married, you look at afew picture of her before the show you see the ring, but after the show started she took it off

  • M.A.Hussong

    This show is amazing! I’ve never met any of the Campbell’s, but luv em’ all. Krystal is every real man’s dream; a combination of beauty,brains,guts and love for family. I would really enjoy sitting around a camp-fire with this clan and just listening to their hunting stories. Jerry just may have some of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard. I wish these FINE Texas folk all the best!

  • BubbaT

    Looks like the “Pistol” went out and got a boob job cause she has a huge rack on herself now. And it ain’t no deer.

  • Cody Burns

    I love u babe

  • Hammertyme

    I pretty much can’t stand the disrespect Krystal receives for being female. Though I am a male I would stomp the snot out of whomever if they talked down to me like her dad and brother talks down to her.
    She is capable of doing anything the men are doing and since she is family she should not have to compete for attention with her lazy ass brother.

  • Bryan

    Hawaii boy

  • Bryan

    U guys should branch out. Make one show in Honolulu, Hawaii!!

  • Nellie

    I think American Hoggers is not a very good show too watch too Meny young Children watch it then they kill there Family it needs tOo be taken off. Well God hates those who kill his Pets all of them besides I read the true Bible they don’t.

    • Game hunter

      Nellie you are an idiot that can’t spell and God put tasty animals on this earth for us to harvest and eat and as for people that kill people well they are idiots to and don’t believe in God

  • Marla

    Love the show! My 4 yr old little girl is obsessed with his show. Her dream is to become a hog hunter just like Crystal!

  • srttwins

    Love this show lea is hot hot hot crystal is very cute would love to sit and shoot the shit with Jerry Robert needs a kick in the ass and a few lessons on how to treat a woman the only way they could make this show better is if everyone of those Ronnie creek assholes gets eaten by a hog. What the hell were the producers thinking when they brought those pricks into the show

  • dean

    if they would get that dunb ass robert of an just let the girls hunt hogs they would get more hogs robert in nothing but a smart ass prick holds the girls back

  • JIM l.phillips

    i think krystal is the best of all of them , and i also think this is one of the best shows i have ever watch on tv. please i hope they keep this show for a long time to come…………
    Jim l.p.

  • donnie

    The show is awesome, and it does not hurt that the girls are hot, especially crystal, but keep your hair black, super sexy and keep up the good work on the show, you guys are cool.

  • keith

    why don,t yall ever shoot the hog

  • Steve

    I don’t know what happened but you look at the pics above and then see her on TV and she looks like she gained 25 lbs. . Did she have a child recently. She’s not that thin on the show .You can just see it in her face on TV. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a pretty girl. I just don’t know where the weight gain came from.

  • bubba

    hey krystal (pistol)…im a hog hunter in south florida..near Okeechobee fl…don’t let tom walker give us florida crackers a bad name ..I don’t like using guns dogs only that is your money maker…im starting a extreme hog traping business with a friend..getting dogs soon come out and I will show how to hunt in the florida muck…and show some real florida hogs…im Bubba by the way…and if you would like to come back to florida and help me and my friend to get our business up and running I would greatly be thankful…and u can contact my buddy at 1-954-696-0755…his name is Ronnie..and if the show wants to see a real florida cracker not no store bought redneck…and u can get a hold of me at 863-265-0177…call me

  • Jon Felosi

    damn she is a sexy lil thang eh? What a woman!

  • Cigar face

    Im a black man fro Tampa Florida! But……She most definitely look like some kind of beauty queen slash angel.

  • Cigar face

    She’s a very beautiful woman! !

  • Marc

    No doubt Krystal is Gorgeous, Texas women are. But can’t we talk about her skills and talent without making her into an object. Yes, she’s hot . I’m a tx guy and would luv a girl like her, but id like to hear about her skills and brains than chest and ass. Idk maybe I’m just a bit more respectful than some. At some point ladies know they got a body and attention for it but want some one to notice who they actually are. Keep hunting Krystal ! Love that revolver I’m Jealous.