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  • doris stashenko

    Who’s the idiot that fired Andy? Bring him Back now…. The morning audience isn’t ready for Chris Plaint. Unless you put him on at 3:00am. I’m moving over to 103.5 fm as will many of my friends. Bye

  • Mary Ann

    I think Kelley is a lunatic…she should be horse whipped..If I had been Betheany, Kelley would be missing some teeth and would have to wear sunglasses for a few weeks…She is a stupid BI-ATCH…

  • Corey

    Love the Jeff Lynne photos. love the story by Asa Hawkes. The world is losing Wilburys. The world is also losing ELO members. ELO lost bass player Kelly Groucutt in Feb 2009. And just weeks ago, Mike Edwards died in a freak accident that sounds like a scene from the movie Final Destination. He was driving home at 12:30 am in Devon,when a cylindrical hay bale weighing 1,300 lb rolled off a hillside and crashed on top of his van. Jeff lynne is a treasure, and we need to keep him safe!

  • alex

    ummmmmmm…depressed angrey emo kids hating everyone..?
    veeeeery funny. (not)
    wanna watch what u say?

  • Judy Murray

    I have a question for Tabatha. I hope she will answer as I am really down..

    My hair has been broken by bleach. Some of it fell out…is there anything in the world to make this hair come back. I have been so down, I can’t get up….my thanks. Judy

  • hey im 18 and i had a baby boy he did not make it i was 21 weeks i just wanted to let the girls know that it is hard but be blessed that u have yours he was 12.2oz and 10 1/4 in long the dad was not their none he waa tryin to say it was not his he was not their for the birth or funral. it was verry hard for me to this day it feels like their is something missing in my live that well never be replaced again. i did not get to hear him cry see him ith his eyeys open or could not even tuch him his skin waslike if you tucked it it would move im not trying to scare you but i want you to know what to look out for it verry hard to lose ur fisrt child and only one and yet the dad was not their eathir. God told me to tell you this i don’t know why but he did so i did i pry for everyone of yall

    • Donna

      Get on the pill..or get your tubes tied.people with serious learning disabilities or who are mentally handicapped like you should NEVER have kids!

  • Nicole

    Hello jenelle,
    I honestly think you have potential to be a good mom. I think that because you got pregnant at a young age it had affected you, I’m sure that there are other things that attributed to your actions. I hope and pray that you make a better life for you and your son Jace. Your mother is a good women she does all that she can to help you, PLEASE JENELLE DON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. One day she won’t be there for you and she won’t be able to bail you out of your situations. Get it together missy, get yourself a good guy, finish school. Good luck!

  • louann

    where can i find the brown maxi dress christy wore tues march 29 episode?

  • Danielle

    hey girl i know its hard to be a teen mom,when u feel like yr mother doesn’t love nor care about you,and you feel alone in this world i was once that teen.I hope you take this to heart.There is no one in the world that can love you more then yr child,and no one really wants to be alone,but good things r worth waiting for u will see, you have yr whole life ahead of you, and i know you might hear this alot but you really need to get yr life together take a step back and look at yr life and where you want to go in it, and if yr child is apart of that then sometimes you have to suck it up even if r mom makes you feel like yr nothing,and you really don’t want a guy in yr life that is not going to respect you or yr mom even if she is a total BI,it takes a bigger person to say im srry even if you did nothing wrong,tell yr mom please sit down a talk to me and if she starts yelling at you close yr eyes take a deep breath and take yr mind to yr special place then when she is done yelling just say mom i love you and im not going to argue with you even if things dont go yr way don’t get upset, things will work it’s self out,sometimes you have to play by her rules and when she see that you r doing what you need to do to better yr life she will come around,and tellyou “I LOVE YOU and I’M SO PROUD OF YOU”and that is also worth being the bigger person.

  • Amy

    Do you all really think that Jenelle will read this and reply?

  • Sapphire

    Could you guys please add the Bad Girls Club to this website. Me and my friends already are madly in love with this site and we feel adding the Bad Girls Club would make it a lot better than it already is.

  • bush

    White Trash!!! what has happened to tv???

  • nunya

    Please post about this http://www.change.org/petitions/create-caylees-law

    It’s a law in honor of Caylee… parents must report missing child within 48 hours and death within 2 hours!!!!! PLease!?

  • Jess Jess Party Dress

    I’m soooooo addicted to Housewives and this site now, thanks 🙂

  • How is Kate & 8 going to support herself and the 8 now that the big bucks from her TV show has been CX. No more freebies and stardom, will she be flipping burgers or working at Sara Palins Fish camp?

    Brent B.

  • Shelley

    Hey Starcasm – What’s up with that annoying Kohl’s ad that won’t go away?

    • Starcasm Staff

      So sorry about that. We’re working hard to try to remedy the problem.

  • Lizzette Linne


  • Lauren

    Is there a way to look through the archives? life if i wanted all the pages of a certain 16 & preg girl or something

    • Starcasm Staff

      Search for her name in our search box, click on a post, click on her name in the category section at the top of the post, and it should pull up all the articles about that particular person. Sometimes when you use the search box, it will automatically pull up the category page, and you can click on that to see all the articles.

  • Lauren

    ok thanks so much =]

    • Lauen

      Btw you should consider making an app (apple not android) 🙂

      • Starcasm Staff

        Thanks! We’re hoping to!

  • Roxanne

    Please don’t shut down the comments before I get a chance to respond to your response. Regarding your comment that it was a sarcastic article about Chris Brown, good. I’m glad it was sarcastic. However, the tone didn’t come across sarcastically enough to convey that over the internet. I recommend that next time so that you DON’T get quite a few negative comments that you write some kind of thing at the top stating that the article is meant to be sarcastic. It can be VERY hard to read sarcasm over the internet.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Agree that it might not read the way the writer intended! Thanks for voicing your concern.

  • Roxanne

    Or maybe I’m just an idiot who has no sarcasm radar. Either way, a statement at the beginning might help.

  • Not Surprised

    How long does it take for a comment to be approved by a moderator?


    • Starcasm Staff

      Depends on if any are online and not busy at the time of your comment.

  • Nick

    I made a pregnant Beyonce gif for ONTD, and I found it tagged “starcasm.net” on your site. Why are you stealing what isn’t yours?


    • Starcasm Staff

      I created that gif from scratch – I’m guessing from the same source clip that you did. (I could send you the Photoshop file if you like)

  • Marissa

    I love your guys’ website. You always have the quickest news when it comes to celebrities and you always seem to really “dig up” information. My favorite is always teen mom or anything to do. With them. I was just curious if you guys had any recent news about Farrah’s sister who was pregnant and Tyler’s sister was pregnant too. Thanks.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks so much! We’ll look into that and see what’s up

  • Kim Ayers

    Quit saying Brooks Ayers ‘ex-wife’. He’s NOT divorced! He’s married. Do a little research! Court records don’t lie.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks Kim – the change has been made.

  • Youcef Ibrahim

    Your redirection using pics on Google sucks! You are assholes.

  • Elizabeth

    Hello StarCasm i am a blogger And i would love to advertise your site! If you hear this mesage email me elizabethbodi527@me.com

  • Elizabeth


  • Elizabeth

    ` Famous sorry my keys

  • theREALkk

    I really enjoy using your site to keep up to date on my celeb gossip and teen mom updates…. but you really need to find someone to proof-read your articles, there is ALWYS at least one really obvious typo in each article, it’s quite sad. 🙁

  • Chelsea Vasquez

    please contact me at peace1luv_0811@yahoo.com I havemy application made and have been trying to send it I’m very interested and qualified thank you-Chelsea

  • Diane

    What are the chances that Mellie’s (Gypsy Sisters) heavy drinking at the early stages of her pregnancy will cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in her baby. Protective services should take the child away once it’s born.

  • Googly Eyes

    Hey Starcasm! How do I suggest a story to you? Not looking to be one of your writers but I’d love some detail on a twitter feud between Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 and her husbee Jeremy’s ex gf Kristen. I think it was from a few days ago. Check it out!! 😉 Thanks!

    • Googly Eyes

      Ps – I know I spelled husband wrong, but huzbee is my nickname for husband!


    • starcasmnet

      Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know what led you to believe this so we can address it.

  • Jennifer

    You have a type on the Jared Leto story. The word bad should read band. Jennifer Helfrich, HFA, MSM, CMA (AAMA)

  • jon


    • jon


  • Carole Ann Davis

    I’ve tried numerous times to see what’s posted by you, but it keeps disappearing. I can’t see anything that’s posted or a video. What’s up with that?????

  • Ok, Tis a Situation

    Yo Starcasm. I have contacted you numerous times about a copyright issue and you never responded back. Its super annoying and unprofessional. You need to teach your writers how to properly source.

    It looks really fishy the way you write articles linking to sites that are the source of nothing and evading properly sourcing the primary sources.

    Unbelievably unprofessional. No wonder so many people are complaining about you guys being spam all over the internet. Please answer your emails!