Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones’ Twitter rant about scandalous celeb selfies

Rashida Jones Tweets

Parks and Recreation‘s Rashida Jones was not impressed by the conduct of some fellow celebrity women last week. On the heels of Kim Kardashian’s revealing swimsuit shot and Nicki Minaj’s barely there pasty photo, the more modest Rashida tweeted her observation…

When the message received mixed reactions — with some saying Rashida was spot-on and others saying she was “better than that” — she clarified her point.

“I don’t shame ANYone for anything they choose to do with their lives or bodies… BUT I think we ALL need to take a look at what we are accepting as ‘the norm’… There is a whole generation of young women watching. Sure, be SEXY but leave something to the imagination.”

The witty comedic actress then concluded her time on the soapbox with an alternative suggestion: “Also, calling on all men to show me dat a**.”

For the records, Rashida wasn’t the only one turned off by some of last week’s scandalous pictures: Both Kim and Nicki’s pictures were called out as inappropriate by some commenters.

Do you agree with Rashida’s message?

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