Naked and Afraid of Love’s Stefen is Hustle and Soul reality show star, Pink Tea Cup waiter

Stefen D'Angelica Naked and Afraid of Love was on the WE tv reality show Hustle and Soul

Naked and Afraid of Love star Stefen D’Angelica is no stranger to going shirtless for the reality show cameras! The 31-year-old waiter and aspiring model was one of the main cast members of WE tv’s Hustle and Soul reality series, alongside his identical twin brother, Dominic D’Angelica.

Stefen and Dominic were waiters at Chef Lawrence Page’s Brooklyn restaurant The Pink Tea Cup. The twins would remain on the show for all three of its seasons, including the last season featuring the Pink Tea cup’s expansion to Miami.
The show was canceled after the third season, possibly due to animosity between Chef Lawrence and show producers.

Here’s a description of the first season of Hustle and Soul from a WE tv press release:

WE tv is serving up another side of drama during its popular Thursday night lineup; with the addition of its new culinary docu-series “Hustle & Soul,” premiering Thursday, March 16th at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The six-episode, one-hour series from Big Fish Entertainment follows Lawrence Page (Chef LP), owner and head chef of The Pink Tea Cup (PTC) restaurant. Lawrence resurrected the former West Village landmark and moved to the Fort Greene, Brooklyn on his quest to rise to the next level and score a coveted Michelin star.

While Lawrence struggles to find the perfect recipe for success, he and his team will learn that it takes more than just good cooking and a good-looking staff to become Michelin elite. Heading up The Pink Tea Cup crew as General Manager is Lawrence’s hot-tempered girlfriend Ana. She may support Lawrence and his lofty culinary goal, but she’s ready to be more than just the first lady of the PTC – she wants to be the ONLY lady in his life (aside from his overly opinionated Mom, aka Momma Page). However, the other female employees have their own motives; including Sana, the flighty flirty hostess who is not afraid to stand up to Ana and go after everything she wants; Thandi, the PTC’s lead server who is next in line to move up; and Candice, the head bartender who is as sweet as her drinks, but far from Michelin ready. The twins, Dominic and Stef, provide some much-needed comic relief at the restaurant where they can’t seem to get anything right.

Lawrence has his hands full between running a restaurant and trying to manage his staff’s cat fights, power moves, and love triangles. Can he keep his eye on the prize while preventing his personal and professional life from going up in flames, or will his dream ultimately blow up in his face? Tune-In Thursday, March 16th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

I managed to track down “Meet the Twins” videos for each of the three seasons of Hustle and Soul, as well as several other clips featuring Dominic and Stefen D’Angelica:

Instead of watching Stefen serving great food, you can now watch him serving great drama and barely blurred nudity with episodes of Naked and Afraid of Love on discovery +! Episodes also air on Sunday nights on Discovery.

Here’s Stefen’s official bio from Naked and Afraid of Love, which still describes him as a waiter from Brooklyn.

Naked and Afraid of Love Stefen D'Angelica

Stefen “The Smooth Operator” D.

Stefen is a 31-year-old model and part-time server from Brooklyn, NY. After a five-year relationship ended badly, Stefen is back to feeling confident, loving himself, and ready to play the field in hopes of finding love.

Unfortunately, The Pink Tea Cup in Brooklyn has closed its doors, so I’m not sure where Stefen is waiting tables these days.

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