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MTV’s game-changing reality TV series Teen Mom will soon have its own UK version. The network has released a number of promo videos and photos for the cast and we rounded those up here in one post for a big ol’ over-the-pond taste of what it will look and sound like!

Get to know the girls of Teen Mom UK, it’s a lot like Teen Mom but with British accents and less mug shots – so far anyways!



Chloe and boyfriend Jordan admit they didn’t plan on starting a family so young, but the pair are navigating the journey of teen parenthood together. But it’s not all plain sailing for this young couple as Chloe shares her story of overcoming the baby blues on the show, as well as maintaining relationships with friends and family. Before becoming a mum, Chloe wanted to be an actress – but her aspirations have been put on hold to raise little Marley.

Chloe Patton Teen Mom UK Twitter.

Get to know video.



Another ambitious young mum, Mia hoped to be a singer before she fell pregnant, but says she’s always wanted to be a mother and loves being a mum to daughter Marliya. Aww! This chatterbox will entertain you from start to finish with her one-liners and upbeat personality, despite the unconventional family dynamics – including her boyfriend Manley’s daughter from a previous relationship – which she has to deal with.

Mia Boardman Teen Mom UK Twitter.

Get to know video.



Essex-born Megan is one of the youngest mums on the show – but definitely one of the feistiest! Deciding she wanted to be independent after falling pregnant with Mckenzie, Megan moved into a caravan with her new baby – and says having Mckenzie has made her grow up. Prepare for emotional scenes with this one…

Megan Salmon-Ferrari Teen Mom UK Twitter.

Get to know video.



Qualified make-up artist Naomi wants to challenge the stereotypes of young mums and says she’s a proud feminist. You go, girl! Taking everything in her stride, the humble, and at times reserved, teen is a contrast to her daughter, who never seems to run out of energy…

Naomi Konickova Teen Mom UK Twitter.

Get to know video.



Amber admits having baby Brooklyn has turned her world upside down and has made her more reliable, responsible and mature. This single mum does everything she can to try and make herself and her son Brooklyn proud. When Amber isn’t looking after little Brooklyn, she enjoys getting glammed up for a girly night out once in a while.

Amber Butler Teen Mom UK Twitter.

Get to know video.

Here’s a brief trailer:

All images MTV UK.

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