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When you leave comments, you are required to enter a name and email address. The email address is only to make sure that you are a real person, and is NEVER posted or shared with anyone. You are never required to enter your real name or website on this site, although you may do so if you wish. Any information you choose to leave on your comments will not be collected or shared.

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A “cookie” is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a Web site’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies can be used to target advertisements relevant to your interests, based on your visits to different Web sites, to provide traffic measurement and other analytics and to conduct research.

A “Web beacon” is an electronic file on a Web page that allows a Web site to count users who have visited that page, to access certain cookies and to provide auditing, research and reporting for advertisers.

When your browser requests a page that displays advertising from one of the Advertisers, the Advertiser may view, edit or set its own cookie through your browser. In addition, the Advertiser may place its own Web beacon in the page, which may be triggered by your browser’s request.

Advertiser Privacy Policies

If you would like to contact the Advertisers to learn more about their privacy policies and what options (if any) they offer to opt out of their data collection and use, please follow these links to their Web sites:

Six Apart Ltd.

Six Apart Media third party advertising networks and advertisers

Some of these third party advertising networks are participants in the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”), a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards. You can learn more about NAI and how you may “opt out” of targeted advertising delivered by NAI member ad networks here.

  • i hate justin

    • Loandre

      I was your bigest fan but never again nou I hate u I can’t believe I thouht u were hot

  • M

    All. Who watches this show don’t care about your Mothers or Childrens. Who all hate Cracks will suffer the consaqunts of there pain. When Those Crocks will come back too hunt you.



    • Starcasm Staff

      What are you talking about Hanna?

      • hanna

        the comments got deleted know, but it was on the travin martin page, there was this chick calling me stupid and all kinds of things,

        • Starcasm Staff

          I’m not sure who “he” is that you are referring to in the comment above. Most of our comments go through automatically, so sometimes we are unaware when there are personal attacks going on. However, when we did discover the conversation, we took action.

          • hanna

            no need to be rude, i was just saying, and the convo had been taking town, im not complaining now, i love coming to this website, this person was just really rude, but like i said then convos down and thank you for that and i love the website keep up the good work

  • Lisa Bentley


    I am writing my thesis on moonshine and memory. I would like to use the photograph of Tim, Tickle & J.T. in my work. Do you have a copywriting on this photograph? Can I have permission to use it?

    Thank you,
    Lisa Bentley

    • Starcasm Staff

      Hi Lisa!

      We don’t have the right to give others permission. You’ll have to contact Discovery. We also recommend you l ook up fair use as it pertains to academic work. Academic fair use is much broader, especially when it pertains to a student’s paper or project.

      We think it’s great that you’re writing about Moonshiners, though. What kind of thesis is it?

  • mario

    a thesis on moonshine. Are you planing to do some experiments 🙂