Plus-size SI swimsuit model Hunter McGrady says ‘beauty is not a number’


Hunter McGrady is making waves in her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread.

The 23-year-old is beyond excited about the opportunity to appear in perhaps the most coveted modeling spot in print.

The plus-size model wrote on Instagram:

“This is a surreal moment for me. You guys I have been bursting to tell you all about this! I want to thank @MJ_Day for an opportunity like this to do the SI model search and for being a force in this industry and everyone at @si_swimsuit for promoting that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty is not a number. It has no limits. I have never felt sexier than I did in this shoot.”


McGrady told SI that she learned about plus-size modeing when she was 19. Before that she spent years trying to maintain a weight of around 115 pounds:

“When I was about 19, I learned about plus size modeling. It was actually Robyn Lawley, Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine on the Vogue Italia cover. I saw that and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, these women are so beautiful and they are my size.’ By that time, I had gained some weight and I was about a size 10-12. And that’s what kind of opened my eyes to the plus size world.”

She went on to dedicate her accomplishment to anyone who has been made to feel less than by the size of models depicted in the magazines:

Women, for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable or insecure because of rolls, or stretch marks, or cellulite, or acne, or felt like you didn’t measure up because you weren’t represented in the magazines–THIS IS FOR YOU! You are beautiful. You are STRONG. You are powerful and together we need to lift each other up and inspire one another. There’s too much going on on this world to let each other fall by the wayside.


McGrady also encouraged fans to vote for her to appear in the 2018 issue.


  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    She’s a pretty girl but the photos are horrible!

    • Ali.P

      They’re quite awkward. It’s a real shame that they aren’t done better because I personally think we should have more average size models.

      • WhiskeyRocks

        SHE’S OBESE. It’s disgusting and unhealthy.

  • Ali.P

    It took me a minute to realize that the bathing suit was painted on, I thought the pose with her hands on her breasts was strange. I get it now lol
    Beauty definitely isn’t a number. It’s also (obviously) different for everyone. Personally, I genuinely think her body is much more attractive than the size 0 woman that are the usual models.

    • WhiskeyRocks

      You have no options. You’d fornicate with knothole in a forest or a barnyard animal.

    • Kari

      I did not even realize it was painted until you said something!

  • May Suitor

    This post has been up for several hours, I am totally shocked that is has not been slammed with comments from boys/men fat shaming this beautiful gal due to their own individual specific ideologies about how women should look. Did you know, according to these commenters, that women have no right to take up public space–or exist at all–if they do not meet the sexual desirability expectations of every man on the planet?
    This is literally the first post I’ve seen about a plus-size gal that has not been a symbol of male entitlement and patriarchy. Let’s see how long it lasts!

    • WhiskeyRocks

      She’s morbidly OBESE. Being fat is mutually exclusive of being attractive and healthy. Please grow up. The world is not your “safe space”, honey.

    • K.

      Didn’t last long.

      Women are far crueler on these comment pages than most misogynists.

      You all should be ashamed- I’m guessing this model looks better than a lot of you and screeching about obesity is just a way to tear someone down who has confidence and feels secure in her own skin.

      Hopefully the cruel ladies commenting horrible things remember what it’s like to be called fat or ugly and maybe think for a minute before they start up again.

      They won’t, because small minds tend to close up, but I still hope.

  • YourMom

    While, yes, she is pretty, I am SO over this whole “plus-sized” model thing! Its great to love your body & not be ashamed, but it is not healthy to be overweight!!!! Same goes for girls on the “skinny” side. Jst b/c you’re skinny doesnt mean you’re healthy! How about if SI wants to be “real”, they dont use ANY photo editing!?!? Lets see how confident & secure these women feel then??

    • j7apple

      Define overweight? Please don’t give me the BMI crap

      • YourMom

        Not healthy! Its different for every person! Not proportionate.

        • pmo

          I disagree, bmi keeps my weight right where it is supp to be after lifetime of being overweight.

      • WhiskeyRocks

        BMI works for EVERYONE except professional athletes. It’s an excellent first indicator of overall health and wellness.

    • FR

      she went from just over a 100lbs to probably doubling her weight. That is unhealthy. Totally understandable that maintaining 115 lbs is unreasonable but it’s not an excuse to go in the opposite direction either.

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    • WhiskeyRocks

      66% of the US population is fat. Over 30% are clinically obese. LESS than a fraction of 1% are clinically underweight and/or suffering from an eating disorder so it’s statistically irrelevant. Obesity is the #1 health care issue facing America.

      • YourMom

        Huh? No clue what your comment is trying to say.

        • WhiskeyRocks

          That’s she’s fat and it’s a choice to be built like a small car.

  • Thoughts

    Well she’s a tan blonde blue eyed perfectly porportionate average size woman… it’s so annoying mag companies capitalizing on the “real body” movement while doing the bare minimum

    • WhiskeyRocks

      She’s OBESE. The “average” woman in America is 5’5″ and 166 lbs. which, by any measure or definition, is fat.

      • pmo

        that’s about 20# overweight for that height.,

        • WhiskeyRocks

          It’s 35 lbs. overweight. It’s fat.

  • MayJay

    She’s pretty and has a nice body, but the swimsuit style and the poses just make the whole thing awkward.

  • pmo

    omg, my god, please, enough with these fat girls.

  • Ashley

    Did they photoshop her face? Her face doesn’t look “plus size” – I think it looks too small for her body. Most women I know/see who are her body size have fuller faces.

    • pmo

      yeah her head looks way to small for the rest of her. freaky.

  • Caty P. :)

    I can honestly say that a lot of guys I know would find her to be smoking hot 🙂

    • WhiskeyRocks

      They’re either fetishists or have no other viable options. She’s disgusting. No man I know would sleep with her, even if they were paid to.

      • Caty P. :)

        Aww, poor wittle baby. It must suck for you that big people live in the same world as you. Luckily you don’t need their approval, and they don’t need yours.

        Get some help.

        • WhiskeyRocks

          It would appear another fat person (you) has found me. Lol The “guys” you “know” who see her as “smoking hot” are a figment of your fertile, delusional imagination. She’s disgusting and obese, just like you.

        • Dana

          Don’t feed the trolls 🙂

          • Caty P. :)

            Lol, good point @ Dana 😉

            I implore this particular troll and others as outsized-hateful as him/her to find mental help.

            • Dana

              I find ignoring them all together more effective. They thrive off of any attention you give them, and get furuois when they don’t get it. Let them go back to their mothers basement and continue on with their keyboard warrior act 🙂

  • WhiskeyRocks

    She’s OBESE. She should change her name to Hunger McGrady, because she’s always hungry. NO ONE wants to see that sweat hog, hambeast of a water buffalo waffle stomping around. She weighs 241 lbs.

  • sysmjp

    Is that her stomach hanging off to the side in the first one? I liked Ashley Graham’s photos better.

  • Aussie cathie

    Good health people ! Plus size is not good health !!!

  • WhiskeyRocks

    Yes, beauty is a number and beauty is an objective standard. If you’re fat you’re neither beautiful nor healthy.