Your Morning Starbuzz! 11-04-08

Not much going on in celebritropolis, so breeze through these while you finish up your coffee and muffin, then GO VOTE! Or, if you’re one of our many international readers, GO READ OUR ARCHIVES!

Robert Downey Jr Sets His Crotch On Fire
No, not in his usual way. Actual fire!

Sacha Baron Cohen Pops In At Prop 8 Ralley
All joking aside, we hate this guy. He may be the only person that could get in a bad car accident and we would draw a cartoon the next day. (Oh – and Bin Laden. Bin Laden in a car accident would DEFINITELY get an immediate cartoon!)

Someone Sues Tim Allen Over That Motorcycle Movie
The plaintiff claims to have come up with the idea of normal men buying motorcycles and forming “gangs” modeled after real motorcycle gangs. (We’re thinking it’s Al Gore)

Set Of Grey’s Anatomy Suffers Toxic Spill Of Gay-Away
Brooke Smith’s Lesbian character Dr. Erica Hahn is getting axed, but not in da Ebonics way. Also, newcomer Melissa George’s upcoming gay character just got re-written so the gay is gone. Perhaps it is as easy as Ted Haggard says!

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