Your Morning Starbuzz! 10-31-08

Alec Baldwin’s Impressions Of Sarah Palin
A very funny interview with David Letterman during which Alec nicknames Sarah Palin “Bible Spice.” Wow, that’s good!

Joe The Strummer
Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (aka “Joe the Plumber”) could soon have a Nashville recording contract and be a spokesman for Home Depot. In another country Joe might have been tortured for speaking out against the government, but since he did it in the USofA, he gets to torture everyone else. “Ahhhhh but ain’t that America? Little pink houses for you and me!” More power to you Joe, we look forward to the release (evil grin). Maybe you’ll hit $250,000/year after all!

Ashley Olsen Engaged!
She now has two better halves! That doesn’t leave much.

P. Diddy’s Herbal Brownie Recipe Gets High Marks
P Dizzle shot up da Brizzownies wit da hempizzle. (OK, so now everybody knows the person who does the Starbuzz isn’t African American)