Your Morning Starbuzz 10-30-08

Bill Pullman’s Son Arrested For Moonshine And More
His friends were surprised to find out his dad was a famous actor. So are we!
This one’s all about the mug shot. It’s a shame that there are probably hundreds of these great photos taken every day, but we don’t get to see them because the person’s parents weren’t in “Lake Placid” or “Casper.” That would be a great crime deterrent if mug shots were instantly uploaded to a public online database! Hmmmm. We might regret saying that when we get thrown in jail for keeping money donated to the site that was supposed to go to the “Bring Heather Locklear Back to Melrose Place Fund.”

Zuma Nesta Rock
Is it a new kind of music you listen to while drinking clear beer? Is it a place to hide extra sleeping pills? Nawp, it’s a human being. Don’t laugh! He could be the Democratic presidential nominee someday! (We’re not usually too big on promoting pictures of famous kids, but it’s Gwen and Gavin’s fault for giving him that name!)

Seinfeld Scares Author Of Healthy Cookbook For Kids
Mothers just can’t take being compared to infamous assassins like they used to.

BBC Suspends Russell Brand
Old actors just can’t take constant berating messages from disc jockeys claiming to have slept with their granddaughters like they used to.