Your Morning Starbuzz! 10-28-08

Bono With A Bone-O?
Photos of Bono’s yacht party with two bikini clad teenage girls surface on facebook

“Reporters” Sift Through Mary Louise Parker’s Trash
All they could find was a thyroid medication prescription? We were hoping they had located her humility.

Dancing With The Stars Loses Julianne Hatfield To An Appendectomy
The two-time dancing victor will have something removed that no one is sure exactly what it does, like Creed on The Office.

Gwen Stefani Looking Eggsellant!
Halloween is approaching and celebrity costumes are popping up! Our favorite so far is this egg costume worn by Gwen. Bad cholesterol never looked so good! (We’re not sure if it was intentional, but if you look closely – like we did – you’ll see her panty hose were runny) Her chump of a husband refused to be photographed in his bacon outfit – just another indication of bad pork spending!

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