Worst Week Ever: Christmas Edition! 12/21 – 12/27

We’ll be back with real starcastic entries on Monday, but until then we’ve got a few Worst Week Ever links for you to peruse. Check this nonsense out:

Worst Bond Moment: Daniel Craig – He likes his chips crinkled, not kettled.

Worst Beard: Prince William, the Scruffy

Worst Digital Christmas Card: The Wentzs – It sucks for them that no one wanted to buy a picture of their spawn, but did they have to make our eyes bleed by designing this “card” themselves?

Worst Caricature: Gay Aiken – Speaks for itself.

Worst Topless Model: Lily Allen In a desperate failed attempt to appear as talented and crazy as Amy Winhouse. Major FAIL, as they say on the internet.

Worst at Spreading Christmas Cheer: Lindsay Lohan – My dad’s a dick who fathered an illegitimate child and destroyed our family, Merry Christmas Everybody!

Worst Bikini PIc: Donatella Versace – We’re not sure if this is really Donatella, or if someone dressed their overdone Holiday turkey in swimwear just for kicks.

Worst Moviegoer: Crazy Man at Benjamin Buttons – Wow, this guy seriously wants it quiet while he’s watching shallow, overdone dramatic acting on the big screen.

Worst Headband: Whitney Port – This is a BIG prize because there has been an influx of horrendous headband action amongst the stars these days.

Worst Pink Thing: Paris Hilton’s Bentley – The Heiress must have secret Mary Kay fantasies.

Worst Blogger: Michael Lohan – Why?

Worst Movie: The Valkyrie (Duh!)

Worst Everything: Jodie Marsh – That’s right, everything.