Worst Week Ever: 2/2 – 2/9



Still worst blogger of all time: Michael Lohan, (at least Kim Zolciak is still blogging strong, her wig turned a few tricks just so she could keep it going)

Worst career move: Holly Madison quitting Playboy, and becoming a full-time douchebag hag

Worst at following a Jessica Simpson meltdown: Rascal Flatts – who didn’t cry, forget their lyrics, or do anything else interesting during their show

Worst at not being pwnd by Letterman: Blago, who apparently committed various crimes against the people all because he wanted to get on Letterman in the “worst way”

Worst at keeping jobs: Lindsay Lohan, who is now losing jobs before she even gets the chance to come to work tweaking and flashing her underparts.

Worst magazine cover: Gwynnie on Elle – wtf?All that GOOP must’ve gone to head, and now she’s wearing Coldplay’s rejected costumes on magazine covers. She’s probably suffering from a lack of fat in her brain, somebody get her off of her zucchini water/grass diet and feed her some bacon!