Worst Week Ever – 2/16 – 2/22


In honor of the Oscars, we are doing our very first ever “Best” award:

Best Wig Ever: The heroic magenta weave that took a bullet for its owner.

Now, on the worsts.

Worst at picking a pet: Kim Kardashian

Worst displays of blatant materialism and banality:  Real Housewives of the OC. Kim Zolciak’s wig had more substance than some of these bling-encrusted botox addicts

Worst dressed: Katy Perry – this really wasn’t a contest this week

Worst role model: Lindsay Lohan, the smoking, anorexic loocking yet fast food eating, spendaholic

Worst diet: the Scientology Purification Rundown, Wow, what a name! This makes Goopy Gwynnie’s detox advice sound sane!

Work thing about fashion week: Pam – no words can explain what this is or why this happened

Worst imitation of Holly Golightly: Jennifer Love Hewett, who has already had her turn at making Audrey Hepburn roll over in her grave. But that wasn’t enough for her, she had to go over the top.

Worst dirty dancin’: Lily Allen

Worst at letting the world know that we didn’t really think the New York Post monkey cartoon was truly racist: starcasm.net, but we still think our parody was just a wee bit funny