Worst Week Ever! 1/5/09 – 1/11/09


Another week of worsts!

Worst Recipe Ever: Congealed Cucumber Salad However, Rosy Perfection Salad is always a contender.

Worst Movie Promotion: Nicole Kidman. At least she was honest.

Worst Fake Designer: Sheree from ATL Housewives

Worst Lip Manipulation: Jessica Simpson. Good job Jess! You had some stiff competition for this title.

Worst “Therapy”: Britney’s Comeback Circus

Worst  Role Model: Lily Allen, who should really take up her complaints to Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty about the negative portrayal of cocaine use.

Worst “Without a Trace” addict: Lindsay Lohan! No matter what kind of shambles LiLo finds her personal and professional life in each week, she always makes time for Jack Malone.

Worst Mug Shot: Charles Barkley.

Worst Blogger: Kim Zolciak! We’re still waiting for her wig to get a blog, now THAT would be awesome in a “if this wig could talk” kind of way.

Worst Magazine Cover: Brad Pitt. In an attempt to be opposite of Jennifer Aniston, it looks like Brad had wrinkles photoshopped INTO his pics. Benjamin Buttons must have gotten to him.