Worst Week Ever! 1/26 – 2/1



Worst at not Pwning everyone during half-time at the SB: Bruce Springsteen

Worst at training for the 2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps

Worst at “confusing men”: Lady Gaga

Worst at making sense to evangelicals, gay people, Oprah, or ANYONE : Ted Haggard

Worst at keeping her top on while playing Scrabble: Amy Winehouse

Worst at living up to her spinster-librarian image: Lisa Loeb

Worst reason to become a nun: to get back at gossip blogs

Worst wardrobe malfunction: Miley Cyrus

Worst at not looking ridiculous at her photoshoot: Ali Lohan

***This Worst Week Ever! was brought to you by Harvey Stanger and Stains***