Wife Swap Spouse Jamie Czerniawski Arrested For Stabbing Husband


These are the rule changes Jamie imposed on the Kinison family:

Jamie’s Rules
Kinison Household Rule Changes

Mission Statement: I skeeve this place. I think it’s dirty, I don’t think it’s clean enough – I’m going to make him take it up a notch, not me.

1. Looking like freaks is having a terrible effect on your family. From now on, there’s no more fire breathing, no more straitjacket.

2. Jeremy, you need to learn some appreciation for your wife. From now on, you’re doing the cleaning. You’re going to cater to my every whim and treat me like the princess I am. And since you’re so good with fire, you’re doing the cooking in this house.

3. I will help pick out your clothes from now on, like I do for my family. Jeremy, because of the way you’ve looked, you’ve really limited your job opportunities. So I have found you a job selling cars, so that you can support your family the way you should.

4. You’ve put your friends’ needs before your children and your wife. When your friends come around tonight, you have to tell them to leave. Instead of hanging out with mommy and daddy’s friends all the time, you’re inviting all your friends to a party and your daddy’s going to do games and tricks that are kid-friendly.

5. Ryan, you have zero interest in the freak show. Instead, you’re going to put all that energy into soccer. Cataya can do cheerleading.

Here are the rules imposed by Anna on Charles Czerniawski and the Czerniawski kids:
Anna’s Rules

Czerniawski Household Rule Changes

Mission Statement: It’s definitely not all about microwave meals and high heels.

1. Charles, I think you’re being a doormat. In my house, my husband goes out to work. My job is to have a hot meal on the table when he returns and cater to him. I’m gonna do the laundry, all the cooking and the meals. I want you to sleep in every morning while I get the kids off to school.

2. Your family is materialistic and way too obsessed with appearances, and the 15 mirrors in your house are ridiculous. I’ve snowed out every single one of them. I can’t believe how much time you devote to getting ready in the morning. So I got a stopwatch. You’re only allowed to spend ten minutes getting ready in the morning.

3. Alex, your mom picks out all of your clothes. You need to learn to express yourself. I’m going to take you out shopping and we will buy clothes that you like.

4. Charles, your kids are involved in too many extra curricular activities. Their education must come first. You’re going to make sure that Mikey completes his homework, and you’re going to come home everyday to help him.

5. I’m going to teach you about what I do, and at the end of the week we’re going to have a performance right here in the house. We’re going to have everyone come over and watch you guys perform.


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