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What are your views on cleaning?
A clean house is vital, but cleaning the house sure isn’t. My house must be pristine and spotless at all times. All appearances are at the top of our priority list. I don’t like fingerprints, dirt, or crumbs anywhere. A person’s house is a reflection of their taste and I am proud of my good taste. If you buy nice things they should be taken care of. But I hate getting my hands dirty so we have a maid that cleans our house until it shines from top to bottom. Any other cleaning Charles takes care of. I do what I call “light touch ups.” If I see any crumbs I’ll wipe them up. We consider our home a show house and I don’t want anyone who visits to think it is anything less than sparkling clean.

What are the kids forbidden to do?
The kids are forbidden to eat anywhere in the house besides the kitchen. We have very expensive things in our home and I don’t want them ruining the furniture or staining the floors.

Other than that, we are lenient parents and as long as Alex calls me on her cell and lets me know where they are, they have free rein in the neighborhood.

How do you discipline the kids?
If we discipline the kids, we take things away that mean the most to them. I will take away Alex’s cell phone or Mikey’s video game system.

I am not very strong willed when disciplining the kids. If they get in trouble I punish them for 5 minutes at most. I could probably be harder on them. I’m a cave in, if the kids ask for something or want to do something I’ll say yes to them and Charles is fine with it.

What rooms(s) do you eat your meals in?
Charles and I both grew up eating our meals in the kitchen with the family, so we enforce that in our home. The TV might be on in the background but it is important for us to spend dinnertime together.

We have a nice dining room but I won’t let anyone eat in there. It is mostly just for display. Charles uses our house as a showroom for his clients. He takes them around and prices all of our furniture. So it’s really important that everything is kept clean and in order.

Does your partner ever cook?
Charles is worse than I am in the kitchen. He likes to make grilled cheese in the microwave or heat up frozen dinners.

Do you all eat the same meals? If not, explain.
We eat as many meals together as we can. It is important to us as a family to share meals. It’s how we were brought up and with us all being so busy it’s an important time for us to sit and catch up with each other.

How often do you eat fast food? What kind do you eat?
We eat fast food all the time! Six out of seven days a week we eat fast food. We eat fried chicken, salads, hamburgers, pizza, everything. I like quick and easy food so it doesn’t get in the way of things I’d rather be doing.

How often do you eat out at restaurants? Where do you go? Do you take the kids?
We eat out at restaurants at least once a week with the kids. Friday nights we go out to eat with friends or just the two of us. We love going out and socializing. We consider going out and meeting people part of our business.

How often do you go grocery shopping? When do you go?
The entire family goes grocery shopping together every Sunday after the kid’s activities. I prefer to go to the nice grocery store when we shop. I buy paper products at discount stores but I don’t like spending much time in them because they smell bad. If we forget things on our big shop, I go back during the week.

Does your partner help with the grocery shopping?
Charles goes with me every Sunday to help me shop. He also picks up things on his way home from work if I need something.

What time do you usually get up?
During the week I get out of bed whenever I want. I’ll wake up to see the kids off to school and make sure they look presentable. Then I’ll go back to sleep and get up usually between 10am and 11am. It simply depends on what time I have gone to sleep the night before.

Charles wakes the kids up in the morning and helps them get ready for school. He makes sure that they eat breakfast, get dressed, and helps Alex straighten her hair. The kids will wake me up before they go to school to show me what they are wearing so I can approve it. I won’t have my kids going outside in clothes that don’t look good. Then the kids leave for school, Charles leaves to open up the salon on his way to work and I fall back asleep, watch TV or just relax in bed.

During the weekends I naturally wake up early because I am always so excited to go out and see friends and family.

What is your morning routine, including breakfast?
Once I feel that I’ve gotten enough rest, I’ll get out of bed, figure out what I want to wear for the day, shower, and do my hair and makeup.

My beauty routine is a crucial part of my day. Starting with my wardrobe, everything has to match and since I’m short I mostly wear high heels. I would never leave the house in a sweat suit or baggy clothes. My husband laughs at me because I wear heels all year long, whether it’s snowing outside or in the middle of summer. I have a jacket to match each purse and a purse to match every type of shoe.

My favourite types of t-shirts are ones that have statements on them, like “Blondes are Adored, Brunettes are ignored” and “I’m with stupid.” I always straighten or curl my hair; I never just let it go. Also, I never, ever leave the house without applying mascara, eyeliner, and lip-gloss.

Before I leave I check the laundry and maybe throw in a load, then I’ll go to work for an hour or two. About a year ago, my husband bought me a tanning salon so that I could tan for free and because I was bored sitting at home all day. Since it is our business I just show up whenever I want.

I don’t eat breakfast because I watch my figure and I’m usually rushing to get out the door and don’t have time.

Do you ever get to sleep in?
I sleep in when I can. Probably three or four days out of the week I sleep later than most people.

What do you do during the day?
Every day of my life is entertaining because I always do what I want and I make sure to have fun and pamper myself. Most days I go to the tanning salon and work for a few hours, talking to customers and making sure that my employees are doing what they are told. Then I will run errands, get my nails done, visit people, go to the spa, shop for clothes, tan, get my hair styled, or talk to friends.

I buy something every day whether it’s something for me to wear or a little treat for Charles or the kids. I’m constantly on the phone instant messaging friends or catching up with people. Even when I’m driving I am typing or talking on the phone. It drives my husband crazy but I have a very social lifestyle. I recently lost my $500 designer PDA, but my Charles is so lovely he’s going to buy me a replacement.

Around 3:00pm I have to be on my way home so that I’m there when Mikey and Alex get off the school bus. As soon as they walk in the door I make them do their homework. Alex always just does hers without being asked but Mikey can be difficult. When they are done I have them put their book bags away. I don’t like them leaving clutter around.

Do the kids have any extra classes or activities after school? Who takes them and picks them up?
It is very important for our kids to be involved in sports and extra curricular activities. It helps them be popular and have lots of friends which is very important at their age. I’m less worried about the academic side, school will naturally fall into place. They are both involved in many activities year round. Alex does cheerleading, dance, and soccer. Mikey plays football, wrestling, soccer, baseball, and over the summer he takes hip-hop dance. They are generally at a practice 5 times a week and have games and competitions on the weekends. Everyone in our household has a busy life full of action.

Charles or I take them to practice and games. We are both very involved in all of their social activities. I even coach Alex’s cheerleading team. I love making up dances and routines. I still feel like I am one of them, once a cheerleader always a cheerleader.

How often do you speak to your children during the day?
I talk to Alex all day on her cell phone. When I first bought her a cell phone, I got in trouble with her school for calling her all day.

Do you spend time without the children?
Friday night is Charles and my night to go out. We think it’s important to spend time together as a couple. We usually go to dinner then out with friends to a club or bar where there is dancing.

Besides working for his family-run furniture wholesale business, Charles DJ’s on the weekends to earn extra cash. A lot of times I go with him and party motivate, this is another way for us to have time without the kids. I love party motivating, it reminds me of all the years I was a cheerleader. At these events, it is my job to make sure people are dancing and having fun. I do whatever it takes to get everyone up and moving; sometimes I’ll even dance on Charles’ speaker boxes.

What time do you get home from work?
I don’t really have a specific time that I finish work. Everyday is different. The girls open the salon and work there until I feel like coming in. I will usually show up around 11:30am or 12:00pm. Then I’ll stick around for an hour or two and usually leave to run errands or go shopping.

Every night I go back to the salon for a surprise visit to make sure that everything is in order. Alex will often go with me because she likes hanging out with the young girls that work there. She really wishes that she could tan like Charles and I, but I won’t let her tan until she is at least 13.

What time do you eat dinner and who prepares it?
There is no set time that we eat dinner. We fit it in our busy schedules. A fast food restaurant usually prepares it, or I heat up a microwavable meal for everyone.

When do the kids do their homework and who helps them?
The kids are supposed to do their homework as soon as they get home. Alex does well in school and I don’t have to remind her to study she has a natural gift. Mikey on the other hand struggles with school. It takes all of my energy to sit him down in front of books and it’s a constant process keeping him on track. I wonder if there are other ways to support him.

He’d much rather be wrestling or playing football. As long as he’s doing well in his sports and mixing well at school I’m not going to push him, I just want to make sure he is passing.

Do your kids have set bedtimes, and if you have teens, do they have curfews?
Since our kids are so active in sports, their schedule is different all the time. Their bedtime depends on whatever activity they are doing that day. If we get home late from practice they go to bed late. If not, I try to have them in bed by around 8pm and I’ll let them watch TV for an hour or so before they have to be asleep.

What is the bedtime routine with the kids?
We try to enforce a strict bedtime routine with the kids during the school week but with all of their extra curricular activities, their bedtime varies. Once we get home the kids shower, brush their teeth, and put on their pyjamas. They both have televisions in their room and are allowed to watch TV for an hour before they have to be in bed. Most nights, bedtime occurs around 9pm but sometimes it can fall later.

Once Mikey falls asleep I go in his room and put together his outfit for school the next day. I lay out his shoes, pants, a shirt, socks and anything else that might accessorize with his outfit. For Alex, I let her pick out what she wants to wear and make sure that she shows me in the morning before going to school so I can approve. She is at the age where she wants to express herself, but I want to make sure that she is always presentable before she leaves the house. Appearances are important in life and I do my best to make sure that my kids look amazing at all times.

What else do you do in the evenings from Monday through Friday?
Once the kids are asleep, Charles and I spend time together alone. We talk about the day and he gives me an hour back rub every night. At night, we’ll also watch TV, a movie, or oftentimes our wedding video together.

Since physical fitness is a big part of our lives we work out as often as possible, usually at night. I will do the elliptical machine for an hour while Charles lifts weights. The elliptical machine is great because it works both your arms and your legs. We also go to the gym as much as we can, depending on how busy our schedule is. We work out 3 or 4 times a week, either at home or at the gym.

What time do you go to bed?
We go to sleep whenever we feel like it, sometimes we conk out early from our busy schedule and other times we will stay up until 2:00am talking or watching TV.

What do you do Saturday afternoon?
Saturday afternoon depends on the kids’ sports activities and if Charles has a DJ gig. Most weekends Mikey will have a game or Alex will have a cheerleading competition, so we are all running around supporting them and taking them to functions.

What do you do Saturday evening?
Most Saturday nights Alex will go to a sleepover, to her friend’s house, or someone will spend the night with us. Alex is a social butterfly and is always spending time with her friends. Mikey never spends the night out; he’s just too rambunctious.

Since we have an important social life, my younger brother usually stays at our house on the weekends to take care of the kids when we are out. Charles gets booked to DJ about 65 parties a year.

What do you do Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon?
If one of the kids has an activity early on Sunday we’re all up and out to support them. Sunday is the same as any other day in terms of getting ready and looking our best.
Sundays are just as busy as Saturdays in our house. We take the kids to activities; go to wrestling matches, cheerleading competitions, and football games.

After the kids’ activities we’ll go grocery shopping together. It’s the one chore we all do together, Charles and I really enjoy it because we can buy little treats for the kids on the way round the store. We end up spending over $300.

Once the shopping is out of the way we like to do something really fun as a family. We love going to the boardwalk and playing the arcade games. We’ll treat the kids to ice cream and candy. Charles and I enjoy the kiddie stuff just as much as Alex and Mikey. As young parents, I think it’s really important to enjoy activities with our kids on their level.

When we get home I’ll throw something quick into the microwave for dinner – if we’re hungry after snacking at the boardwalk.

What do you do Sunday evening?
Sunday evenings we try and wind down before the start of the new week. Charles finds it hard to switch off; he’s always taking calls and arranging appointments. He’s always thinking of ways to make money to support us, he’s wonderful. Even though he works so hard, he still takes such good care of me. He gives me a massage every single night before I go to sleep.

If we have time on a Sunday we’ll snuggle down and watch our wedding video. If anything, our relationship has got better since our wedding, and watching the video reminds us of how much we love each other.

What kinds of things do you like to do when you go out as a couple?
We are very fun, spontaneous people that are up for anything. That includes dancing, drinking, eating, socializing, going to the movies, and going to the boardwalk. We go to Atlantic City a few times a year to gamble. We just love going out and having a good time.

We try and go out as a couple at least once a week. We go to local clubs, meet up with our friends, have a few drinks and dance the night away. Charles and I love dancing. We know all the current dances, and we teach them to the kids. Before we go out we’ll put on music and run through a routine with the kids in the living room. They love it because they want to be just like mom and dad.

What kinds of things do you like to do when you go out as a family?
We do anything and everything when we go out as a family. We are an extremely active and spur-of-the-moment family. Whatever the kids want to do, we will do. It’s really important to us that the kids have the absolute best childhood, if that means me and Charles do loads of kids’ stuff that’s more than fine with us, we love it too. We go to the boardwalk, the movies, ice skating, the pool, the beach, batting cages, we play mini golf, we’ll go skiing, tubing, wrestling, cheerleading competitions, go out to eat, amusement parks, see our parents or go to the park.

What tips can you give for coping with your other half?
Be spontaneous and have fun. Look nice and presentable. Talk to him on the phone all day, at least ten times. Our lives are so busy and Charles works so much that he’s constantly calling me asking questions about our schedule.

Sometimes he needs help dressing. He often puts on outfits that are completely mismatched and I have to redress him. I like to buy him clothes so that this doesn’t happen often.

How do you like to be treated?
I am a princess and expect to be treated like one. My husband gives me a back rubs every single night. I like to be taken care of and babied. I get what I want and I expect that.

What happens when you and your partner disagree on something?
If we disagree on something, I usually get frustrated and just walk away and ignore him. Charles can’t stand it when I’m mad at him so he’ll just follow me and ask me questions until I give in.

What subject do you and your partner disagree on the most?
We disagree most on family interferences. We’re pulled in different directions because Charles’ family have very high standards for him. They tell him to jump and he jumps high. This upsets me and we argue over family issues often.

How much of a role does family play in your life?
Family plays a big role in our life. Charles and I both come from large families and our sisters and brothers are always dropping by. My younger brother stays with us every weekend to take care of the kids while we go out Friday nights. We are very close to my younger brother. He even works for Charles and has an active role in the business.

10) PETS
How many pets do you have and what do they require?
We don’t have any pets.

Who controls the money?
Charles is good at making the money but not at managing it. I pay the bills and control every aspect of the money.

Are you spenders or savers?

Charles and I like to spend, spend, and spend more.

We are a fun loving, free spirited family who is extremely socially oriented. We live for the moment and like to go, go, go.

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