We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

We're Baaaaaack - Poltergeist

Hello! That took a few days longer than we thought it would, but here we are! During our time away we not only got caught up with our non-blogging labors but we also found a little time to tweak the look of the site. We even have a logo! We are officially Pulitzer Prize eligible now.

Some other minor changes include a little “donation” ad in the upper right corner (If we could wash your car window we would) and a daily feature (not the Daily Palin, which we abandoned because it was just sooo easy and sooo overdone) that will be introduced tomorrow morning.

Anyway – if you’ve been checking in wondering if our journalists had been abducted, thanks for your patience. We assure they’re all fine. If this is your first visit, welcome and enjoy the site!

– The Starcasm.net Newsdesk