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6/10/09 – THE CIRCUS IS BACK! Carrie Prejean has been fired and Tami Farrell will assume the title of Miss California! We knew you could do it Tami! Won’t you be my, won’t you be my, won’t you be my spokesmodel?

5/12/09 – The circus has ended. Donald Trump has announced Carrie Prejean will retain her crown as Miss California, relegating Tami to toil in obscurity as The Beauty Of California Ambassador with little or no chance of advancement. My thoughts are with you Tami. I can’t help but think I could have done more.

Shanna Moakler and Tami Farrell

5/11/09 – The Miss California Organization held a press conference today in an attempt to clarify their position on the Carrie Prejean mess prior to Don Trump’s announcement tomorrow (Tuesday) as to whether or not Carrie will keep her crown.

Speaking on behalf of the Miss California pageant were Keith Lewis and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, who expressed their frustrations at the unavailability of their current Queen, who they are no longer able to communicate with directly and who has not been able to make any of the planned appearances set up by the Miss California Organization.

In an attempt to “get back to the work at hand,” the MCO has anointed runner-up Tami Farrell as Beauty of California Ambassador, a title that will enable her to represent Miss California at events in which Carrie Prejean is unable to attend.

The ambassadorable Tami Farrell is one half-step closer! The Don’s press conference is set for 11 am EST tomorrow.

5/09/09 – The press conference previously announced for Tuesday has been bumped up to Monday. The director of the Miss California USA pageant Keith Lewis and co-director Shanna Moakler will speak to the press Monday morning from Beverly Hills to reveal the decision from Donald Trump as to whether or not the photos of Carrie Prejean stripped of her clothes are enough to warrant that she be stripped of her crown.

TMZ is reporting that Carrie Prejean’s lawyer has issued a cease and desist order to thedirty.com demanding that they remove the two controversial photos of a topless Prejean from their website. The order states, “One of the displayed images of Ms. Prejean was illegally taken under false pretenses when she was a 17-year-old minor and unable to consent to its creation.” Thedirty.com’s response was expectedly short and sour: “Your client’s publicity rights are substantially inferior to the right of the public to consider, discuss, agree and/or disagree with Ms. Prejean’s actions and views. This is not conduct for which your client’s consent is required.”

Kinda boring, huh? Hurry up Monday!

Donald Trump will announce Tuesday if Miss California Carrie Prejean loses her crown

The Tami Farrell Media Circus updated daily

The Tami Farrell roller coaster ride is already starting! Donald Trump has scheduled a press conference for Tuesday when he is expected to announce his decision about Carrie Prejean’s status as Miss California. You can sense the giddiness and excitement in this E! Online interview with the Miss California runner-up, during which she addresses the Prejean controversy and the possibility of the title being passed to her. Pay close attention to how she answers the question, “So with the possibility of you taking over the crown are you worried that they may dig up anything in your past? Are you worried about being scrutinized like that?” (Jump to the 1:30 mark if you want to skip directly to it)

In case your boss has a desk close to yours and you couldn’t listen to the interview, Tami’s answer to the above question was, “I feel like, regardless of what happens, I’m stepping into the line of fire and I don’t think this is a battle anyone can win, and I would hope that with this whole situation we could refocus energy on some of the charity alliances that the Miss Universe organization is affiliated with.”

Hmmmmmm. A seasoned professional pageant participant ducked a HUGE question about her past she had to know was coming. I like the sound of that! Who knows what deep dark secrets Tami hides from everyone except her ex-boyfriend and his camera phone? Which skeleton do you think will turn up in her closet? Take the poll! (Feel free to add your own response)

I’ll try to add updates to this post as they roll in – I’m sure it will be fast and furious so stay tuned! (If you’re not familiar with Tami and want to catch up quick, check out my Tami Farrell introduction post!)

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