Watch Online MTV’s “Teen Mom” complete episode 4 “Moving On”

Teen Mom reality show on MTV

The mama drama continues! In MTV’s Teen Mom Episode 4 “Moving On” Amber and Gary’s rocky relationship gets rockier and their future together is in doubt. Catelynn’s mother (and Tyler’s dad) are packing up and moving to Richmond, leaving Catelynn looking for a place to live. Maci visits her college friends and tries to decide whether her baby daddy deserves a second chance. Farrah decides to go on birth control and takes a risk by choosing a device that requires refrigeration.

Here are links to the other episodes, but note that MTV can be pretty sporadic about putting up videos and taking them down:

Teen Mom Episode 1 “Looking For Love
Teen Mom Episode 2 “How Many Chances?
Teen Mom Episode 3 “Fallout
Teen Mom Episode 5 “A Little Help

And here’s a bonus clip of Catelynn and her mom discussing the move:

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