Was a pregnant Britney Spears really abused by boyfriend Jason Trawick?

Today Star Magazine and sister online publication Radar Online claimed that Britney Spears was physically abused by her boyfriend Jason Trawick. Star added another claim: she was pregnant earlier this year (implying an abortion.)

It’s all very dramatic, but a lot of it doesn’t seem legit. For one, her reps are denying all this and threatening a lawsuit. This doesn’t always mean that the star in question is telling the truth, but in this case the evidence in the other corner isn’t strong enough to stand up to Britney’s denial.

The most glaring blunder in this tabloid tale are the audio tapes published on Radar Online of a phone call that allegedly happened between Britney and her first husband (of two days during a Las Vegas bender, mind you) Jason Alexander (NOT George Constanza). The man asks the woman “How’s your problems with your fiancé?”

Woman: “That (bleep) is not my fiancé.”

Man: “I thought he proposed to you or something at the beach.”

Woman: “Before or after he beat on me?”

The woman on the tape has a southern accent, but that’s where the similarities end with Britney Spears’ voice. Britney even has a different southern accent than the woman on the tape, not to mention the other differences in pitch, and tempo. This difference is so stark that Britney’s reps call them “laughable.”

Click here to listen to the alleged phone call.

For comparison, here’s Britney talking on her MTV documentary “For the Record:”

Jason Alexander is still standing by his claim that this really is his ex-wife and grade-school friend Britney Spears. “I completely stand behind my story… that is absolutely my ex wife Britney Spears on that tape. I grew up with her since I was in 4th grade and I know what she sounds like. She has been calling me for years.”

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