Volcano in Iceland has negative impact on Earth (Cartoon)

The Iceland volcano is having many negative effects on the Earth

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano has been wreaking havoc on the skies of Europe, canceling well over 63,000 flights and filling the air with an estimated 750 tons of ash per second within the first 72 hours of the eruption, according to Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences.

The latest predictions have the plume of ash threatening the coast of North America. According to Bob Syvret of the U.K.’s Met Office tells Fox News, “”The latest graphics that we’ve issued suggest that the tail end of the plume might just get into the far east of the Newfoundland area.” The news site goes on to say:

But breathe easier, travellers: “It doesn’t look a risk for North America” at this point, said Syvret, adding that the cloud would “probably stop around the Newfoundland area, and then move north into Greenland.”

Let’s hope that blemish on Mother Earth’s forehead goes away soon so the airplanes can get in the air and Mother Earth can get back to clubbin’! Jupiter be wantin’ to get jiggy, yo!

UPDATE – Earth’s issues with catastrophic acne continue! CLICK HERE to catch the latest!

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