VIDEOS PHOTO Jace Lankow streaks game as ref and causes teams to fight!

jace Lancow streaked as a ref

Arizona and U.C.L.A. squared off in a PAC-10 match-up last night but it was a member of the crowd disguised as a referee that stole the show.

In the following clip you can see Jace Lancow, shown above and identified on the video, hustle on to the field in a poor-man’s ref ensemble and actually attempt to steal the game ball. Everyone kind of looks befuddled at first and then the only ref I’ve ever loved heads down the field stripping down to his whitey-tighties before a security guard tackled him with technique better than any Bruins had last night.

Guyism followed up on the identification and they found a court record from Tucson of a man by this name getting arrested. That’s good enough for me peeps!

What really magnifies this streak-of-the-week is the fact that his act was so bizarre it caused some sort of ripple in the sports world continuum and resulted in the two teams on the field going after each other in a bench clearing brawl!

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