VIDEOS Matthew McConaughey will convince you to buy a Lincoln


With his unforgettable turns in True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club, I’m pretty much buying whatever Matthew McConaughey is selling lately. This includes fanny packs and if I had the bank, a Lincoln MKC.

The star of Lincoln Lawyer has filmed a series of spots for the line’s new ride and they’re dripping with McConaughey’s southern dialect and charm. The vibe is very much former-day Rust Cohle as he’s seen in slightly disheveled dress clothes while vocalizing internal dialogue.

The director of global Lincoln said, “This campaign is designed to raise awareness and drive conversation in a creative and surprising way that will appeal emotionally to customers. The results are a great showcase of the MKC design, craftsmanship and driving dynamics, with Matthew engaging the viewer through his dialogue.”

As pitchman Matthew added, “I am impressed with how the MKC handles on the open road. There is an authenticity about this vehicle, and it’s reflected in this campaign. It’s easy to shut out the rest of the world.”

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