Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s rumored new man Alex Beh?

Doing a Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new man post is becoming a regular chore for me.  The last dude was Jenny McCarthy’s old flame John Asher.  Maybe I could cut out the middle-new-man and just date her myself.  I’ll have to run that by my reps and my wife of course.

The latest man rumored to be loving Love is 27-year-old director and actor Alex Beh.  US Magazine is reporting that Hewitt and Beh shared a romantic evening together at Katsuya in L.A.’s Encino back on July 18.  A pal of Hewitt’s told US that:

“She’s so into him.  It’s relatively new but they’re really cute together. They were holding hands the whole night!”

Beh is a relative unknown or at least he seems that way in the shadow of an A-lister like Hewitt.  He has his own YouTube channel stuffed full of promo clips and reels of his acting and directing.  This first clip from his channel is an acting reel where you can get the best of Beh according to Beh. Stuff like commercials for beer and Burger King for example:

Here is Alex acting all Hollywood after apparently enjoying a few of the cold beverages he was pushing in the above acting reel:

One more just so we can get a full grasp on what JLH finds so appealing about our Screech haired friend. This gem is of Beh doing a little faux-freak-out on set.  Who is that I hear knocking? Oh yes friends I think it’s Oscar:

I hope this one lasts but if it doesn’t I’ll be right here letting you know all about the next guy who isn’t me that is sharing intimate moments with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Top Image: YouTube / Famepictures