VIDEO – Watch Teen Mom 2 Season 2 trailer – premiere date December 6

The Teen Mom 2 Season 2 trailer is here! The show premieres December 6 @ 10pm on MTV, but in the meantime we have this teaser to keep us going.

In it Chelsea celebrates getting her GED, Leah and Corey continue to deal with Ali’s health concerns, and then the inevitable drama of their divorce, Kail juggles dating, motherhood, and keeping her friendship with Jo, and Jenelle fights with her mother. Jenelley also gets back with Kieffer for a brief time (and according to a Facebook post a while back, she’s filmed punching him in the face at one point.)

There is also a sound bite that may have been edited out of context, but it sounds like Corey is agreeing with someone accusing Leah of cheating on him! It’s a heavy edit, though, so it’s hard to tell what was really going on with that conversation. Whatever the truth behind that is, this season’s going to be dramatic.

Click here to see photos of the girls in NYC last week taping for MTV.

UPDATE – Here is a slightly better quality version. (I will leave them both up in case one or the other gets deleted)

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