VIDEO Top Eight Synergy Exercises

The Power Nay

I forget what I was searching for on google, but I ran across a funny image that led me to the web site for Synergy Therapeutic Systems. (I’ll put the photo at the bottom of the post) When I went to the site’s homepage a demo video loaded automatically and almost instantly I was literally laughing out loud. The video featured different exercises you could do with the Synergy exercise cord, some of which are absolutely priceless. So, I chopped up the video and put together the Top Eight List of Exercises From The Synergy Exercise Program. I even came up with names for all of them! (It goes by kinda quick so you may need to replay it)

Check out the complete video:

To find out more about Synergy:

Here’s the original photo that turned me on to the site. I’m guessing this is how Madonna got her arms? Look at those man hand fists! (If you watched the video you know she is performing the Mary Poppin’)

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