VIDEO The Situation gives Conan O’Brien an abtastic lesson

The Situation destroys on Conan

The Jersey Shore take over of the world continued last night as Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino infiltrated Conan and showed host Conan O’Brien how to manufacture his own “situation.”

Mike was really entertaining and you could tell that Conan was stoked to have him on the show. They discussed Mike’s trip to Italy and how he went about meeting the ladies including some language lessons including the internation language of love “Situation.” He informed Conan that GTL is the holy trinity and that he’s the “muscular messiah.” Then Conan gets The Sitch to show Conan how to work out his way. Here’s the great clip:

Conan actually held his own and The Situation was impressed claiming O’Brien was the first to get it right. Conan then joked that they should head back to his house. I managed to pull a couple of screen grabs including one of my personal favorites as O’Brien hunkers down on his desk seeming to be one with the muscular messiah and the vibe he’s kickin’.

Conan stoked after doing The Situation's work out

The Situation shows Conan how to get his own Situation

Conan had some of the juice but I think Mike would have to let him in on how to maintain those sweaty pits.

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