VIDEO Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards promotes Twitter while in bed with Dalis Connell

Dalis Connell Ryan Edwards in bed discuss Twitter

While Teen Mom Maci Bookout is keeping it steady with boyfriend Kyle King her baby-daddy Ryan Edwards is posting videos from bed with his girlfriend Dalis Connell.

In what seems like a never-ending battle, all the cast members from the Teen Mom franchise have to repeatedly verify official social media sites because there’s such an influx of fake ones out there. Usually it’s the moms who are doing this and they usually do it by said official sites but our man Ryan took it next level by broadcasting from bed his official Twitter account.

Here’s Ryan and his girlfriend setting the record straight while laying horizontal:

Important information we ascertained from this PTMBDSA (Public Teen Mom Baby-Daddy Service Announcement):

Ryan doesn’t have a Formspring, he has a Twitter that is @ryancedwards and he has a Facebook that is so private you’ll never find it even though we did 🙂


RyanEdwardsOfficial is fake and Ryan doesn’t run a fan page but he does run his own Twitter page. H8rs need to recognize that Dalis doesn’t run his Twitter because Ryan loves tweeting sweet stuff to her. The two love, love, and love each other.


Dalis looked like a wet dog in the video because it rained that day at her practice. Ryan also smelled because he had been farting. At the end of the video the audio seems misaligned and some commenters have stated that it sounds like Ryan says, “We’re gonna f**k.”

If you missed it, the two have posted one other video to prove Ryan is Ryan and it features some awfully cute Bentley dancing:

I think Dalis is a good influence, she LITERALLY gets him off the couch to move.