VIDEO Taylor Swift suffers on-stage wardrobe malfunction, is charming as usual

Taylor Swift suffers a wardrobe malfunction on stage, dress blows up like Marilyn Monroe

In a moment reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s famous updraft dress scene from The Seven-Year Itch singer Taylor Swift ran afoul of a hurricane-force wind machine while performing on stage during a recent concert performance. Though it may have seemed to those in attendance that they got an R-rated upskirt eyeful, Taylor was actually wearing some nude-illusion undergarments.

That being said, the moment is pretty darned easy on the imagination, if you know what I mean…

Taylor was obviously surprised by the incident, but quickly stepped back, fixed her dress, and somehow managed to continue singing all the while. Sure, her backside was still a bit exposed, but all in all I thought she handled it quite well! (I imagine she may not have remained as good-spirited when meeting with her wind machine operator after the show.)