VIDEO Sarah Palin is Gun-Ho? What does TWILF mean? “The Stupid Virus” cartoon

Sarah Palin is a TWILF?

Thanks to the rapid speed of the internet and social networking sites like Twitter it’s now possible to become illiterate overnight. So, if you’re like me and found yourself staring in confusion at TWILF this and #TWILF that on your computer screen today, I’m here to help!

TWILF is the latest addition to the acronym lexicon and is a derivative of the MILF genus, which infected popular culture after it’s use in the 1999 movie American Pie. The acronym stands for “Mother I’d Like to [make sweet, sweet love to].” (In accordance with this site’s PG-13 rating I changed the F-word at the end.) TWILF replaces the “M” for Mother and replaces it with “TW” for Twitterer. Pretty lame huh?

The origin of TWILF is a cartoon from called “The Stupid Virus” which tries to poke fun at “Birthers,” who believe Barack Obama may not have been born in the United States. The waaaaaaay left-leaning cartoon takes a stab at all the usual targets: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilley, Glen Beck and of course Sarah Palin, who is shown tweeting under the nickname “Gun-Ho” about Barack Obama. After typing a long diatribe about the prez, Sarah realizes she has exceeded her character limit and edits it down to “Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.”

TWILF Sarah Palin tweets as Gun-Ho

This tweet then becomes a national story and as Brian Williams is talking about it a photo of Sarah Palin is displayed in the background with the word “TWILF” under her followed by a question mark. That’s it. That’s how you introduce a “word” into the English language! Sarah Palin is a MILF, AND a TWILF, as well as a PILF (substitute in “Politician”)!
Here’s the complete cartoon – fast forward to right around the 3:00 mark for Sarah’s and TWILF’s entrance:

In order to head off all sorts of political this-and-that in the comment section, let me state that I think this cartoon is the exact kind of self-righteous ignorance that it’s trying to make fun of. This crap is produced under the guise of enlightenment and betterment of the world, but it’s really just political masturbation that only strengthens the brokenness of the political landscape. I feel the same repulsion when watching a Michael Moore documentary or listening to Rush Limbaugh.

I suppose it was a little naive to think that Obama’s win would be a huge step away from that sort of passionate egotistical divisiveness. I just need to get used to the fact that no matter who is president, 48% of Americans will think he or she is the Anti-Christ and 48% of Americans will think those people are ignorant buffoons. (Sadly, that includes you too Jon Stewart.)

Celebrity bloggers opinions are SOOOO important!

All of that being said, these stills from the video are pretty funny:

TWILF Sarah Palin from The Stupid Virus cartoon

Brack Obama's borthplace called into question by The National Enquirer

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