VIDEO – Puppy Bowl VI 2010 with Kitty Half-Time! Plus Puppy Bowl’s answer to iPad, iPuppy?


Once a year Americans stock up on beer, chips, guacamole, and chicken wings and, invite all their friends over to party like they’ll die tomorrow while they watch the biggest football game of the year. Some people live for it, they go through the maddening daily grind, pinch their pennies, work overtime so they can afford a mortgage, wife, kids, health insurance, endure degrading tasks and watch less qualified individuals steal the promotions they’ve been working toward for years, and when they finally get promoted they realize it’s actually a lot more work for just a little more pay. All that, the suffering, the back-aches, anti-depressants, the migraines, sinus infections, the soul-draining hour commutes, Tilda in accounting’s daily Tuna Curry Limburger Cheese Surprise, your boss Larry’s coffee breath, the mid-afternoon sleepies, and this one day every year makes it all better. (Not really, but it helps.)

That’s right, Puppy Bowl with Kitty Half-Time! Weeeeee.

Reggie who? Sir Winston, Fava, Jumby, Jersey Boy and Bandit are the MVPs (most valuable puppies) we’re gunning for. Jersey Boy is a Starcasm favorite because we reserve a special place in our hearts for Jersey Boys, but they’re all heartbreakers.

Puppy Bowl VI starting line-up:

And who wants to watch a puppy bowl without a Kitty Half-Time? It fills up the empty chambers of a weary soul:

Here’s the ad spot advertising Puppy Bowl and poking fun at the iPad at the same time:

What’s depressing is that we have to wait a whole other year for Puppy Bowl revive the spirits and nourish the hearts of men. Keep strong, comrades, until that bright day.

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