VIDEO PHOTOS: The Spin Crowd’s Lauren Stoner lingerie

Lauren Stoner lingerie photo

UPDATE Sepetmer 2011: Lauren Stoner has been making headlines for lounging in a bikini with director Michael Bay. Looks like Bay’s got a boner for stoner.

I am not versed in the unspoken rules of the public relations field but I am certainly under the mindset that if you’re in a video prancing around sans a top and in the tiniest of g-strings you have an innate idea of what it means to relate to my kind of public!  Such is the case for E’s new blond ambition PR star Lauren Stoner.

E rolled out its latest reality show last night called “The Spin Crowd” that follows the day-to-day operations of Command PR, a major public relations firm player in New York and L.A.  The firm is run by up and comers Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck but the unquestioned stars of the show are the four fantabulous office babes that almost make a man like me want to go back to cubicle life.

One of these four ladies is former model and all around blond assassin Lauren Stoner.  Via her E bio it states that Lauren:

“Is an outspoken, confident, Southern blond bombshell. Wildly attractive, men usually assume Lauren is an idiot, a perception she wants to overturn. After years spent as a VIP hostess in Miami, Lauren wants to use her brain instead of her looks and is ready for a real career. Lauren has been pestering Jonathan Cheban for a job for years, and he’s finally offering her a place in the new office.”

One of the tools that she possibly may have used to “relate” herself to Cheban is the following video I was able to round up after a little sleuthing.  The video is in Spanish but fear not viewers for we all know that booty is the international language of understanding!

Alas, this clip has been made unavailable to us butt you can still check it out here. As a substitute here’s Laura who’s recently been spotted out with Michael Bay prancing in lingerie for Hustler:

I think I just got a Stoner bon…, well I really think that Lauren has a chance to go far in the public relations industry!  And if she can’t make it in that line of work she certainly has the wares for more than 15 minutes of reality TV fame coming. Via her Model Mayhem account Lauren had the following to say about herself:

I was born in Richmond, VA and currently am based out of Miami beach. I have been modeling off and on since I was 14 but have just been doing this full time for the past 3 years. I do mostly print, runway, and spokesmodeling right now, but I think I have done everything in the business at some point! Except for photography, which I think should be left to only talented professionals!

Model Lauren Stoner from E's "The Spin Crowd" poses in some sexy lingerie

Lauren will be heating up TV screens across the nation Sunday nights at 10:30 EST on E.  If you’re interested in the other fine ladies that share Stoner’s office space you can check out my general article on all four cubicle goddesses here.

Out of journalistic responsibility I feel compelled to provide a couple of additional stills from Stoner’s video shoot.

Model Lauren Stoner stars on E's The Spin Crowd