VIDEO PHOTOS Michelle Money in 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Michelle Money from The Bachelor

In a recent episode of The Bachelor with Brad Womack three of the ladies went on a group date on the island of Anguilla and were surprised with their very own bikini photo shoot for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

One of those chosen for the honor, in addition to Ashley Hebert and Chantal O’Brien, was this year’s villainess Michelle Money, whose opinionated and aggressive behavior has alienated her from Bachelor fans and Brad Womack as well, who sent her home after the SI bikini shoot episode Monday night.

Say what you will about Michelle Money’s abrasive personality, but this 30-year-old hair stylist and actress from Salt Lake City, Utah was born to be in the pages of the SI Swimsuit Issue!

In addition to an intimidating body (which matches her personality perfectly) Michelle has very striking facial features that the experts at Sports Illustrated were able to really bring out. (See the top photo)

Michelle Money is that frustrating woman at the bar that you know you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, but that other slightly shorter pole convinces you otherwise and within a couple weeks you’re penniless, jobless, homeless and hungry wondering what the Hell just happened. Or, in the words of Billie Joe Shaver (and performed so perfectly by Waylon Jennings) from the song “Black Rose:”

When the devil made that woman,
Lord he threw the pattern away.
She were built for speed,
with the tools you need,
to make a new fool every day.

Here’s the black rose in action in a behind-the-scenes video clip from

To see more of Michelle and the other Bachelor bikini ladies Chantal O’Brien and Ashley Hebert just click their names (If they aren’t links yet, I’m working on the posts right now!), pick up a copy of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (You’ll never regret doing that!) or head over to for tons more high-resolution images from the shoot that will absolutely blow your mind! These women are indeed beautiful, but there is something to be said for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue staff – there really are none better at capturing bikini beauty in the history of the Universe!