VIDEO Miguel’s leap fail confirms stage jumping has jumped the shark


During last night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, up and coming artist Miguel thought he’d make a leap from part of the stage to a catwalk. The decision turned out to be a bad one…

The leap fail occurred during the performance of his hit song  “Adorn.” As he flung himself across some attendees who were jamming out in the pit, he fell short of his mark and karate kicked one lady in the face while appearing to jam another woman’s head between his other leg and the platform.

The 27-year-old performer from California, full name Miguel Jontel Pimentel, went on with his performance, even taking the time to hug up on a fan who was fortunate enough not to have been ram-jammed in the dome.

Via his Twitter account, Miguel explained that he got caught up in the moment adding that rock and roll made him do it. From all accounts, it appears as if the women involved in the Miguel-fail are both doing fine.

Here’s one more look at the most memorable moment from 2013’s Billboard Awards in gif:


I think it’s official now – stage jumping has jumped the shark.

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