VIDEO – Kina Grannis’ “In Your Arms” music video took two years to finish, 288,000 jelly beans

Sometimes it pays to not take short-cuts.

Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis is now on the map thanks to a very special music video for “In Your Arms.”

It’s now been viewed almost 3.5 million times on YouTube thanks to the enchanting stop-motion jelly bean animation. Grannis has performed on Ellen, and drummed up a lot of interest in her European tour.

The video took almost two years to complete, used 288,000 jelly beans donated from Jelly Belly, and required Grannis to lay motionless on a glass sheet above jelly beans for hours at a time. It took a total of 1,357 hours spread out over 22 months to film the 2,460 frames used to make the video.

Director Greg Jardin “built a little cable casing so each individual frame of the video would be projected down onto this little table, and then people would spend the next hour placing the jellybeans in to coordinate with the picture,” she explained. “Then they put a piece of plexi glass down and then I would lie down on top of that and we would spend the next fifteen minutes getting me into an exact position and then we take a picture and then we start all over again, so it was pretty tedious.”

That’s dedication, and it’s definitely worth it. In our world of ceaseless instant gratification, some things that are truly unique and took a lot of work can really stand out.

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