VIDEO – Kim Zolciak’s boobs pop out at White Party performance

The fabulous Kim Zolciak was asked to perform her one-hit wonder “Tardy for the Party” at the Palm Springs White Party for an audience of thousands of the hottest gay men in the country.

The wigged-wonder wore a strapless, puffy mini-dress that threatened to expose her goodies at all angles.

Thanks to an industrial bit of ribbon, her nipples don’t actually make an appearance on-stage, but a blurred-out version do flash backstage and Bravo was there to capture that moment for a national audience.

“My boobs don’t fit in anything, so I’m really worried that they’re just gonna go ahead and fall out. And if they did, I’d be completely mortified.”

She also had to get her dressed pinned to her panties to prevent a wind-related wardrobe malfunction.