VIDEO Jon Gosselin vs. Nancy Grace on The Insider Round 2! 10-6-09

Jon Gosselina nd Nancy Grace battle it out again on The Insider October 6 2009

Ding ding! The no-holds-barred cage match continues! Part 1 of the Jon Gosselin/Nancy Grace fight to the death revealed Nancy to be the REAL pitbull in lipstick and Jon transformed from a douchey pile of goo into a bloody piece of chewed up raw meat right before our eyes! Well, are you ready to rummmmmble AGAIN?!?! Here’s the announcer for Part 2:

In this corner, we have the tongue waggin’, beer belly saggin’, victim of naggin’, and King of Douchebaggin’ – if you’re under 25 he’ll make it rainia, the daddy of eight from Pennsylvania… Mr Jon Gosselin!

And in this corner, wearing the spiked collar is the grey suit sportin’, missing girl reportin’, douchebag retortin’, never poutin’, gobble you up and spit you outin’, she ain’t gellin’ she’s yellin’ at a felon – the blonde haired hostess with the mostest… Miss Nancy Grace!

No she di-unt! She called Jon out on his diamond earrings! Bwahahahhaaa! Oh what? They’re CZ? Grrrr. Well played Jon.

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