VIDEO PHOTOS Jennifer Lopez New Year’s Eve outfit!

Jennifer Lopez New Year's Eve outfit 2010 Times Square

Jennifer Lopez did her best to warm things up on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve by wearing a skin-tight diamond-encrusted body suit, showing off all of her famous asset to those previously chilly folks watching in Times Square. It’s true that Kim Kardashian is now the reigning Duchess of Tush, but that doesn’t take anything away from J Lo’s tush cushion! Check your blood pressure before watching this video of her badonkadonk performance:

In case you didn’t want just the thighlights, here is an unedited 7-minute plus clip:

What’s that? How was her performance musically? Ummm… Squirrel!!

J Lo's booty was on full display during her performance in Times Square New Year's Eve 2010

Here’s a slightly more respectful shot of J-Lo from the performance:

J Lo New Year's Eve outfit 2010 Times Square

I have one thing to say to J Lo… You go girl! I love fun stage outfits (Lady Gaga) and if the naughty bits are kept at bay (Janet Jackson) then I don’t think anyone should be complaining. As long as bikinis are acceptable attire for women then everybody needs to hush their mouths and enjoy the show! That being said, it was kinda disappointing seeing Jennifer go all Shakira She-Wolf crawling around on all fours and stuff. You have to be careful when you’re mixing fun, sexy and ridiculous – that third one can very easily consume the other two.

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