VIDEO: Fergie Olver old school Canadian creepiness

Fergie Olver introducing himself on Canadian game show Just Like Mom

In keeping with our Canadian theme recently, this video clip from the popular Canadian game show from the 80’s “Just Like Mom” will have you wanting your mommy, or if you’re a father of a daughter like I am a shotgun!  Please be warned that the images you are about to see are skin crawling and horribly disturbing.  It is SFW (safe for work) but probably not SFS (safe for soul).

I told you so. Did you hear a random adult from off screen say “Dirty old man.”? I thought Richard Dawson would always be the king of game show old suit wearing awkward kissy-face. I think my favorite / most disturbing quote was from Olver himself:

“The mothers are always so easy to kiss; it’s the kids.”

So who is Fergie Olver and who is responsible for allowing him to host a game show with kids?  According to the Wiki page for “Just Like Mom” the co-host woman you see in the clip is Fergie’s wife and show creator Catherine Swing.   We sure are glad someone had the good sense to post these videos so that his neighbors can have a heads up!

If you’ve wiped the blood out of your eyes and are curious what the game show was about well “Just Like Mom” aired from 1980 to 1985 on CTV.  The idea was to find out which mother-child pair knew each other the best through a series of questions and answers etc.  There was a questions round, a bake off / taste test round in which the kids would cook something from ingredients given and the moms would have to guess what it was after tasting.   And then there was a spin the wheel and win the prize bonus round at the end.  I know, I KNOW, those wild Canadians!