VIDEO First medical marijuana TV ad airs in California

First known medical marijuana TV commercial for CannaCare

The controversy over the legalization of marijuana has just been turned up a notch thanks to the airing of the first ever marijuana commercial! The spot for CannaCare, a medicinal marijuana store in Sacramento, California, first aired on Sacramento’s FOX affiliate KTXL.

The commercial shows various people giving testimonials on the benefits of marijuana when it’s used for medicinal purposes and text at the bottom of the ad indicates the drug can be used for relief of many maladies, illnesses and diseases including: HIV, Hepatitis C, hypertension and diabetes among others.

Here is the commercial that is stirring up both sides of the legalization issue.

First medical marijuana TV ad aired in America for CanniCare:

One interesting thing you may have noticed is that the word marijuana is never used.  The people speaking and the information provided across the bottom only use the word cannabis.

So what do you think about pot being advertised openly on television?  Do you feel that it’s a non-issue because medicinal marijuana is legal in California or do you see it as a harmful thing,  something that should not be shown on TV?  I would love to hear your opinion on the issue.

Oh, and let’s not forget this is a commercial! So if you’re in need of some medicinal cannabis, head on over to CannaCare! Sorry – at this point they aren’t accepting online orders.