VIDEO – Did Emilio cheat on Snooki, Snooki cheat on Emilio, or both?

38114, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Saturday February 27 2010. Snooki and boyfriend Emilio Masella survive the atrium collapse at a Purim party inside the Sony Plaza on Maidson Avenue, NYC. The Jersey Shore star had been attending a party a the Solo Restaurant when the sheer weight of snow and ice caused the a glass ceiling in the building to cave in. Despite the roof collapse, the MTV reality star and other partygoers continued with their celebrations. Snooki Tweeted; The roof may have fallen and no1 got hurt, but the party still goes on! . About a dozen people were treated for minor injuries. Photograph:

Snooki found her dream guido this spring, but just for a minute. It seems like before we knew she was snookin’ up with juicehead Emilio Masella, it was over. Via Facebook. So what happened? Who cheated on who?

Recently we saw Snooki sleep in the same bed with Vinny on Jersey Shore in Miami while she was technically with Emilio! Not sure if they smooshed that night or not, but they eventually smooshed, which led to a fight with Angelina.

Next, we get this bid of weirdness. In the below Jersey Shore preview clip for tonight’s show Snooki takes a call from Emilio, is mad at him for some reason, and then Emilio “jokes” that he slept with another girl. Then he says “Just kiddin.'”

Reports at the time of their breakup claim that Snooki dropped him because he was using her for fame, a not outlandish claim since he’s now working with Spencer Pratt and engaged in PR baiting antics to “win her back.”

Snooki has since moved on to another guido who’s also probably using her for fame, Jeff Miranda, a Jersey Shore aspirant who auditioned to be in the cast but didn’t make the cut. Guess she’ll have to keep Snookin’ for love!