VIDEO Challenging Tom Cruise to a dance-off is risky business

Tom Cruise dances in Risky Business

Friends. When you take those old records off the shelf, you better listen and dance to them by yourself. Because if Tom Cruise is around he will go all Hansel to your Zoolander upside your unknowing backside if you dare challenge him to a dance-off!

Tom Cruise was at the wedding of some extremely wealthy dude’s son when a party-goer was foolish enough to throw down with a blood on the dance floor challenge. More precisely the groom was David Ellison who is the executive producer of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and he’s the fortunate son of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Larry’s the 3rd richest man in the U.S.

None of that background matters really because what does matter is what happens when Tom C. boogies.

OMG! Tom hit the floor and made it his scientolo-bizznatch and then James Browned himself back up and ran his fingers through his, “I am Maverick and you ain’t close to being Goose” hair. Game over. No contest. Get yourself a cocktail because that was mission impossible and you couldn’t handle the truth. There is but one top gun and he took the dance floor highway to the danger zone. You tried to hold firm but we all had our eyes wide shut as Tommy made it rain man. He brought “the quan” and did do what everybody thought he was going to do, proving he had all the right moves.

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