VIDEO Carrie Underwood as Sesame Street character Carrie Underworm

Carrie Underworm

You know you’re in the superstar stratosphere when you get your own character on Sesame Street! Such is the life for American Idol Season 4 winner and overall chart-blasting Carrie Underwood, who transforms nicely from country starlet to squirmy wormy sweetheart Carrie Underworm. The debut episode was on February 11th but if you missed out do not worry, the show will re-air March 17th, April 8th, and April 26th on PBS.

As promised here is the video of the tiny, but talented, dirt-squirming Carrie Underworm singing “The Worm Theme Song:”

Doesn’t her hair look fabulous? (Is that a Kim Zolciak wig?) You’ll notice in the clip it’s none other than NASCAR phenom Jeff Gordon introducing the little lady. Now that’s star power!  Here are the lyrics so you and your little ones can sing-along to “The Worm Theme Song:”

“I’m happy and I’m proud to be a worm.
I can wiggle I can squiggle I can squirm.
And I hollar everyday I’m a worm hip hip hooray
Yes I’m happy and I’m proud to be a worm.

Oh I’m just pleased as punch to be a worm
Through thick and thin and up and down and drang and sturm
So I stand up nice and tall and shout I’m a worm you all
Yes I’m just pleased as punch to be a worm.”


“I’m just pleased as punch to be a worm!”

Can you imagine? your phone rings and Sesame Street wants to know if you’d be interested in lending your talents to a character they created just for you?!?  That must have been humbling.

Arrie Underworm performs on Sesame street as Jeff Gordon looks on
NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon watches Carrie Underworm sing “The Worm Theme Song”

Perhaps this is just the first of many country stars to make the move from the Grand Ol’ Opry to Sesame Street! Here are some of my suggestions to follow Carrie:

Keith Urban – Keith Urbear
Brad Paisley – Brad Paislemur
Reba McEntire – Reba McEntiger
Alan Jackson – Alan Jackskunk
Jennifer Nettles – Jennifer Netbulls
Dwight Yoakam – Dwight Yoakant

After looking at that list, we better just leave it to the experts on Sesame Street – they’ve been doing this a long time. 
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