VIDEO Carrie Prejean takes off her microphone during Larry King Live drama

Carrie Prejean on Larry King Live

Carrie Prejean was on Larry King Live tonight to promote her new book Still Standing and seemed to be in good spirits until Larry King persisted with questions about the recent settlement in the lawsuit between her and the Miss California Pageant Organization. She accused Larry of being inappropriate and after apparently consulting someone off camera decided to remover her microphone as Larry was taking a phone call.

Just in case the Youtube version gets pulled:

That there was some mighty fine awkward television! In Carrie’s defense it did seem like Larry pressed about two too many times with the lawsuit questions. It was clear Carrie wasn’t going to provide any details about the settlement and he should have just let it go.

Not in Carrie’s defense, this was one of two or three negative situations Prejean should have been prepared for. Of course there was a good chance Larry would press her on the lawsuit issue and the solo sex tape that reportedly motivated her to end the suit immediately. Doesn’t she have a coach on her payroll that can prepare her with witty dodges for this sort of thing? How ’bout, “Larry, I think your suspenders may be too loud because you obviously didn’t hear me – I can’t discuss anything about the blah blah blah…” Also, she just recently spoke quite a bit about her sex tape to Sean Hannity, so it seems a little weird she’s get so secretive so quickly after spilling on the subject.

I’m not a big fan of Carrie’s, mainly because of the diminutive size of her high horse, but looking at her side by side with Larry King I have to confess – she is perty. She is also not really, really, really old.

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