VIDEO – Watch Anna Nicole Smith mistake pregnancy for gas

Pregnant Anna Nicole Smith thinks her baby is just a bad case of gas

I didn’t think this video could possibly be as bad as it sounded, but lo and behold it’s actually worse! A pregnant and seemingly high Anna Nicole is attending a little girl’s birthday (Her name is Riley – it’s not clear her relation to Anna.) Howard K. Stern records the video as Riley puts clown makeup on Smith’s face and talks about going to a waterpark, to which Anna Nicole slurringly responds, “I wanna go.”

Riley tries to explain to Anna Nicole that she can’t go because she’s pregnant, to which Anna replies, “My baby’s over there,” referring to a baby doll beside the pool. Riley iterates that Anna has a baby in her belly and points to it. Anna stares at it a minute before declaring that it’s just a case of gas and she needs some “poot medicine” so she can “poot it out.”

Why am I writing all this?!? Just watch the video:

I like the poignant moment at the end of the clip when Riley reveals how observant and accurate a child’s assessment can be by saying, “She’s having brain trouble.”

TMZ dug up the video after it was admitted into court during the recent hearings surrounding Smith’s death. But don’t think that the baby pooting clip is the only one! The craziness continues in parts 2 and three, which TMZ describe as:

CLIP TWO: After Anna pushes a stroller out of the room where Howard is filming, he asks Riley if Anna has “really lost it.” Riley says, “Howard … in real life, she’s gone overboard. If she has the baby today, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

CLIP THREE: Anna is treating a doll like it’s a real baby. Riley runs over to the camera and says “I think we need the hospital. Howard, seriously, please help.” Howard then calls Anna over and says, “You’re freaking Riley out.” Anna doesn’t understand what’s going on … and is upset that Riley “poked the baby in the face.”


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