VIDEO ‘Teen Mom’ Season 2, Episode 4 ‘Spring Break’

Gary proposes to Amber Portwood on Teen Mom Season 2 episode 4

Is there any doubt in anyone‘s mind who will take home this year’s Emmy Award for worst proposal?

In Episode 4 of the second season of Teen Mom Amber and Gary pack up the minivan and head down to Florida to stay with Amber’s uncle. As you might expect, the trip down is an unpleasant 16-hour scream fest that concluded (appropriately) at a Crabby Joe’s restaurant. Gary, Amber Leah, Amber’s dad, uncle and her uncle’s girlfriend settle in for a meal in which the topic of marriage is once again brought up, to which Amber replies that it’s not up to her.

One thing leads to another and eventually we find Amber and Gary alone on the beach and the world is treated to its most argumentative proposal ever! (I’ll type it up later – it’s really spectacular in its horrible awkwardness.)

Meanwhile, in the rest of Teen Momville, Farrah continues her struggles with her mom as they meet up to talk about their future. Debra plays the “Farrah’s baby book” card but it’s clear Farrah isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones yet. It’s hard to fault her when you consider the emotional and physical abuse she’s been through. Plus, she’s 18 and living on her own so she has the right to make her own decisions. Right?

She later has a night out with a friend and seems to be enjoying herself, but would later break down when talking about her daughter’s deceased father Derek.

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham shows off her legs in a pair of plaid tights
(^ In case you missed it, here’s a photo of Farrah Abraham’s plaid party tights!)

Maci meets Ryan’s new girlfriend Kristyn and they seem to get along even though Ryan was his usual moronically stoic self and didn’t introduce them to each other. Maci liked the fact that Kristyn told her Bentley had hit his mouth on the table, but those feeling might change when she watches the episode and sees Ryan’s butterfingers and Bentley’s vicious face plant on the coffee table!

Kyle pays Maci a surprise visit and finally gets to meet Bentley, which is a clear indication that Maci is falling for him big time!

Catelynn and Tyler were my favorite couple from seasons 1 (16 and Pregnant) and 2 (Teen Mom) but their contrived storyline this season is starting to get a little annoying – its as though the MTV producers told them they had to come up with some drama or they’d be off the show. I kinda liked Tyler and Catelynn as the petty dramaless “exception to the rule” – serving as a nice mature contrast to a lot of the other relationships on the show.

Here is a bonus clip of Catelynne and Tyler talking to the counselor individually. (Meh.)

CLICK HERE for the aftershow in which MTV’s SuChin Pak talks with all the Teen Moms and additional teen moms in the audience about what happened in the episode!

By popular demand I’ll close this post out with that hunk o’ hunk o’ burnin’ love Gary – sans his patented skin-tight t-shirt!

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley