Upcoming ‘Apprentice’ contestant accused of choking his wife

The first face you see in the initial promo for this fall’s run of NBC’s The Apprentice is that of Genesiac Folkes from Texas.  He appears serious and focused as he explains how this show is an opportunity to regain success that he once had and lost.  Well according to a bombshell dropped by TMZ he may have lost his wife too after being arrested and charged for choking her!

The court papers that TMZ reference show that Folkes was arrested on May 5th in Wylie, Texas and charged with felony assault.  His wife Charice also filed for a restraining order just a brief time later claiming that her husband showed up to her workplace, took her car and emptied her bank account.

I know Trump likes the ol’ killer instinct but I think our man from Texas is taking it a little too far.  The theme for the upcoming season of Apprentice is a second chance as the promo shows pouty looking folks who still dress well-to-do complaining about how they lost it all during the financial downturn.  I already don’t like the premise having a low tolerance for fast money making people who got greedy during the bubble.

Here is a clip of the Jones’ we used to try to keep up with crying whiskey tears as they look for redemption in the golden halls of Trumpland:

Now that Folke’s name is out of the bag I did a little digging to find out what I could, other than that whole felony thing.  Just tidbits but I’ll throw them out for the sake of interest.

He submitted the following review of an album A few years ago by Wax Poetic called the “Nublu Sessions.”  Here is what Folkes the critic had to say in regards to the album:

I happened upon wax poetics first cd in a used cd store. In fact I bought the disc without a jewel case, disc inserts or anything else, except the music and I must say I was simply blown away. That disc played so much until it was scratched so much that it couldn’t be played any more!! Needless, to say, I bought a proper copy the second time around. Which brings us to the Nublu Sessions…I read a review in the paper that rated this disc an A-…Now, can I tell you that I REALLY do not listen to critics, nor buy what they recommend, but, let me just say that the critic who rated THIS disc an A- should be prosecuted for doing Wax Poetic a grave injustice!!! It should have been rated an A+++!!! The song selection and placement is virtually perfect, the instrumentation…WOW! It’s an intoxicating cornicopea for listeners that uses sounds from unusual instruments to draws you into the vibe and maintains your interest. There are two songs from the previous album that are still oven warm and fresh. It’s as if I’m hearing Norah Jones sing them for the first time. YOU MUST BUY THIS DISC PERIOD

Well I can’t read that superlative of a review and not provide a track.  Here is the song “Tell Me” featuring Norah Jones and I have to say it’s pretty darn good!

Some business social profiles were also available on Mr. Folkes.  Not sure which are still accurate but he is shown as an insurance agent for First Financial Group in Wylie here.  Via a separate page he is shown as an owner of Folkes Brothers LLC, a company that according to the site is a:

“Real Estate development company with a focus on assisted living facilities incorporated with proprietary technology.”  He goes on to comment on the positive influence that his military background has on his ability to run a business.  “My military service prepared me to be a better business owner because it provided me with the ability to not only focus on the big picture of a project, but to identify the necessary components to accomplish a stated objective.”

Going even further back in the life of Folkes here is an image I was able to find from a May 1995 issue of Jet Magazine announcing his marriage to a Delta flight attendant Lisa Hammond.  Now we’re really getting somewhere!

His wife as listed in the TMZ report is identified as Charice so I am not sure if this is the same lady or if Charice came into the picture after Lisa.  In just one short week following the arrest Genesiac Folkes filed for divorce from Charice.