TV Recap and Full Video: The Hills Season 6, Episode 16 “I’m Done With You”


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‘I’m Done With You’ is something we have all said but not all of us have acted on it.  Kristin Cavallari is a girl who says what she means and means what she says.  Hence the “b*tch” label.

Brody and his girlfriend, Jayde are taking a break because they fight too much (you think??). This gives Brody more time to spend with Kristin without having to explain himself to anyone.  Brody and Kristin take a walk on the beach when Brody asks Kristin what he should do about Jayde.  Kristin tells Brody he is more fun when Jayde isn’t around.  This shouldn’t be a surprise since most guys are more fun when their other half  isn’t around.  Brody asks Kristin what it  would be like if they dated again – especially now that they’re older.  Neither party has commented on the reason for their break-up but I don’t know if age was a factor or if Kristin just didn’t find Brody exciting enough for her.

Heidi and Spencer are having a party for Heidi’s birthday. Heidi is putting out the cups for her birthday bash and complaining about how much work it is preparing for her own birthday party. Spencer presents Heidi with the only babies she will ever have (his words) – 2 adorable puppies.  I don’t think the world can handle any more Spencer’s – one is more than enough.

Kristin is going to the Pratt party but Justin Bobby isn’t because he doesn’t want to run into Audrina.   Brody and Kristin went to the party together.

Kristin approaches Audrina to clear the air. They have the same friends and run around in the same social circle so being friends would definitely be easier for the both of them. Audrina admits to wanting to keep Justin to herself since they did date for so long. The mudslinging and the cursing begins when Kristin tells Audrina that Justin said that Audrina and he were never together. Audrina responded by telling Kristin that Justin told her that he never got over her and that he and Kristin were not together. Audrina and Kristin both agree that they are not friends and will never be friends.  These two are great for the drama.  Justin Bobby is someone who I would never fight over but I will say when Kristin meets up with him the day after the party – he looks the hottest he has looked since he started filming The Hills.  Do you agree?  A clean cut Justin Bobby is a hot looking Justin Bobby.

Kristin meets with Justin Bobby and confronts him about the fact that he is still hanging out with Audrina. Justin tells Kristin that she isn’t going to get a rise out of him (all sorts of sexual innuendos are going through my mind on this one) and Kristin responds by saying she’s done and walks out!! Three strikes for Justin – good bye.

Next week looks like it has a lot more drama with Kristin and Brody kissing when Jayde walks in – I know I will be tuning to check out what happens.  Will you??

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